Central air conditioning problems
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Central air conditioning problems

This is lists of common central air conditioner problems; we will come across as we enjoy the comfort environment it produces.

This is for information only, it’s not meant to fix central air conditioner units. This is not written by boy genius Dexter to foresee every detail. Now we’re done with that. Let’s get start.

Central air conditioning problems mainly fall into four situations:

  • Electrical problems
  • Mechanical problems
  • Refrigerant cycle problem
  • Air flow problem

All HVAC problems seem to be connective. If we have air flow problem, it will affect the refrigerate cycle and Ac components.

For example, homeowners will call us and said he needs an Ac Freon. We will always ask him basic question, like. Did you change the filter? Usually, it’s not the Freon, it’s the ac filters. He doesn’t know that air flow will affect the refrigerant.

Our central air conditioner units will have problem as it ages. Here is the opportunity to submit our central air conditioning problems.

The lists below are just the tip of the iceberg. So, if we want to read more; we have to provide the air conditioner problems.

Submission Guidelines:

First search the links below for specific info. If the info is not below, Provide DETAIL info to the problem and not every question will be answer (nothing personal)

  • No DIY or FIY Question


Most homeowner doesn’t understand how air conditioner works and they’ll provide us the wrong information. We’re answering their question basis on that information.

So don’t follow anything you read in this page! We’re not responsible for any information you’re putting into action.

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The links above is for central air conditioner problems only, if we have a general question. Here is the link:

Central air conditioning unit question

Central Ac Unit Is Running, And The Condenser Wouldn’t Turn-Off

We turn the ac thermostat to off position, but the condenser unit still running. The above component is continuing running. The problem could be:

HVAC contacto

There is power supply to the condenser units. A switch that supposed to be in the Normally – Open position is actually in the Normally – Close position.

There is Frost Buildup On The Suction Line (big copper line) Or Near The Compressor

We’re getting cold air, but the central air condition kept cycling On and Off. Our central ac units cycle On and Off due to low pressure. The problem could be we have dirty filters and the evaporator coils or the Ac Freon is low.

HVAC condenser ic

Central Air Conditioning Units Not Blowing Cold Air

If the central ac unit is blowing air and it is not cold. The possible central air conditioning problems could be:

  1. The condenser unit is not running, including the compressors.
  2. Refrigerant leaks or not enough refrigerant.
  3. Dirty condenser coils and the evaporator coils.
  4. There could be something wrong with the metering device.

The Condenser Fan Is Running, But The Compressor Doesn’t

We know the compressor is not short to ground. If it is short, the condenser fan shouldn’t run. Here are the possible problems:

This is not running:

Sealed Hermetic compresso

  1. Some air conditioner compressor has hard-start system that could be the problem.
  2. Bad electrical connect to the compressor.
  3. Internal safety switch within the compressor is open.
  4. The compressor is lock up due to foreign object or liquid refrigerant.
  5. Bad capacitor.

Central Air Conditioner unit Is Running, But Not Enough Air

The outdoor units and the indoor units are running, but we’re not receiving enough air from the Ac units. The air is cold, but not enough to cool the house down.

The main device that supposed to move the air within the house is the indoor blower. The symptoms could be:

  1. The blower’s blade is dirty.
  2. Blockage within the duct.
  3. Duct leaks.
  4. Blower’s capacitor is damage.
  5. Blower’s motor is bad.
  6. Blower is on low speed.
  7. Dirty filters.

The Central Air Condition Is Making Noise

If the central air conditioner unit is making sound and the sound is from indoor. The only electrical part that is large enough to make that sound is the blower motor.

The sound could be from the blade or foreign object is trap in the blowers.

The Indoor Blower Is Running For A Short Time, Then It Stops.

If the indoor blower motor is cycling on and off, the problem could be the capacitor is bad. The internal thermal overload is causing the motor to do that.

The Condensing Unit Is Not Running.

If the central air conditioning units is not running and the condensing unit breaker tripped.

We could try resetting (1 time) the breaker and it trips again.

The problem could be the condenser fan, compressor and other electrical is grounded.

The Central Air Conditioner Unit Is Running Constantly.

If the central air conditioner unit is running and never stop. The possible central air conditioning problems could be:

  1. The ac filter, evaporator, condenser coil is dirty.
  2. Low on Ac Freon.

One Room Is Warmer Than The Other.

If we have one bedroom is warmer than the other bedroom. The possible problem could be:

  1. We had a lot of electronic device that is producing heat on that specific room.
  2. Ducts Leak.
  3. The grille is closes.
  4. Object is blocking the air flow.
  5. Restriction within the duct.

These are the common central air conditioning problems homeowners might see within their central air units. These are just random air conditioner problems; nothing special.

How do we avoid some of the air conditioner problem?

We can change the filter; clean the ac evaporator and the condensing coils to avoid unnecessary air conditioner problems. It’ll take extra pages to example why. But, it does help.

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