Air Handler Blower Fan

by donnie

April 12, 2011

Getting power to central air conditioning unit outside, nothing comes on. i pushed in on the contactors and everything comes on except the blower fan that blows the air throught the thing that looks like a radiator,also as soon as i release from holding the contactor in,everything goes back off,i can here what sounds like water runing and a little smoke coming from around the motor underneath the blower fan.

i guess you would call that some type of air handler. all this started when changing out a old type thermostat and re-placing with a digital.turned on thermostat-breaker kicked off,tryed it again same thing except never kicked on again. tryed everything. we have a large church to cool here in florida, would be very grateful for any information you give.

push in on contactor on outside unit,no heat pump, air only on top works, compressor works, compasitor works, everything works like i saided except the fan blower that sits at the bottom of the top fan when you manually push in on contactors, nothing works when you re-leases the contactors.

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