Central Air Conditioning Units
Thing to Know

Thing to Know About Central Air Conditioning Units

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10) HVAC Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is agreement between homeowners and Hvac Company. This is agreement that tells the Hvac Company to send their technician to your home and perform maintenance on it.

In my opinion, this is win-win situation for both homeowners and hvac contractor. If the central air conditioner unit were to break, they would paid for it (some contractors are different, you’ll need to check their agreement on that).

9) Understand You Central Air Conditioner Unit

By learning the basic information on your central air conditioning units, it helps you understand it better. This could save you money and reduce troubleshooting time for the tech. Some tech charge per hours and other charge flat rate, I believe understand it will reduce the amount of time technician spends on it.

By understand basic information, you will pick up what is going on with it. And you will know if it is running normal and if it active weird.

How central air conditioner works       How air conditioning works

8) Changing Your Central Air Conditioning Unit Filters

Are you in the preventive maintenance program with a contractor or Hvac Company? If you’re not, changing the filter once a month, it will help. You’ll be thousand of dollar riches.

I won’t bore you with reason and detail. Here is the link:

Air conditioner filters       Hvac filters        how to change air conditioner filters

7) No, Do It Yourself or Fix It Yourself

I don’t recommend any homeowners following “Fix It Yourself” material online. You may read this “Fix It Yourself or Do It Yourself” material online and it sounds great. You try it and you got different result.

The mindset homeowner have is “If I fix it myself, I save money.” In my opinion, you’re wasting your time and money. You are more productive do other tasks, besides fixing central ac unit.

If the online material is how to change your air conditioner filter, change thermostat or cleaning the condenser unit. It should be ok. Only you know your level of skill.

Central air conditioning problem break into category. There is refrigeration, mechanical, electrical, and air flow problem. If you are really, really comfortable with electricity, go for it.

The only thing you could check or “Do it yourself” is the ductworks. You could look for tear or loss connection and fix it. If this is problem for you, don’t do it.

6) Be Patient with Your Technician

We are human and there will always be problem we can’t fix. Be technician is hard; you under a lot pressure and you can’t sleep. So, be patient, we fix it. 5) Pay Attention to Your Central Ac Unit

The basic skill to troubleshooting central air conditioner unit is to look, listen and touch. Don’t touch, if you not comfortable.

You will have to pay attention to your central air conditioning units. If you believe or think there is something wrong with it, have someone look at it or ask question. It is better to look at it now rather than later.

Ask central air conditioning unit question

4) Try Not To…

Try not to sneak behind our back and look over our shoulder, without us being aware of it. You could hurt us. No, not from heart attack, from electrocution probably and to prevent us from breaking any part, while we were in the process of fixing.

3) Hvac Company or Tech You Trust

Find knowledgeable technician that you trust and build relationship with them. No, I’m not asking you to have a dinner with them.

Imagine there is heavy snowing on Christmas day and your central heating and air conditioner went off and it wouldn’t work. It’ll be hard to get new technician in your front door with that weather. It costs so much money just to get a new technician you next met in your front door at that weather.

If you’re a previous customer, they would drive over and fix it. If you’re new customer, they would probably decline and ask you to call someone else. So, build relationship with one Hvac Company or contractor and it would helps you and your family stay comfortable.

2) Don’t Buy Central Air Conditioner Unit Online

No, I’m not trying to prevent you from save money. I’m saving you money by tell you not to buy it.

Contractor won’t touch or install the central ac units you bought online. You won’t find any professional hvac site that will teach how to installs it.

When you hire technician to fix your central air conditioning units, you not paying them for labor, you’re paying them for their skill.

1) Watch for company that outsource their service technician and contractor

Why? Let’s say something happen within two to four years period. It could be anything that could cause large amount of money to fix. Who will take responsible for it?

Is it the company you hire or the subcontractor the company hires to install the central air conditioning unit for your house? Read from customer. Central ac unit cause.

0) Do You Need Higher Efficient Central Ac Unit?

Central ac units and heat pump use Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating as an energy measurement for the cooling mode. It determines how well central ac units and heat pump cool. It not accurate, but it does provide a measurement for the central ac units.

You don’t need higher energy efficiency unit, you just need highly experience contractor under his belt or her.

Some people will suggest you spend more money on highly efficient units, so it could save you money in the long term. I’m not sure about that. But, if you decide to have higher efficient central air unit, make sure to find experience contractor with that.

Have a thing about seer rating. The number 18 or 23 SEER on central ac unit came from laboratory environment, it not from real world environment. There are so many things that effect seer rating.

The SEER number just tells you the maximum efficient the central air unit could be. It doesn’t mean you will receive the maximum SEER ratings.

In my honor opinion, you don’t need expensive higher efficient unit; you just need the best hvac contractor. They really not going to like me tell you that.

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