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How was your Trane central Ac unit? Did it lasts long without major problem or the central air conditioner unit was new and three month later the compressor fails?

Tell us how much it costs to paid contractor to install Trane heating and air conditioning. What the warranty on your Trane Ac unit and how was Trane air conditioning service?

Is Trane central Ac units the best air conditioner unit you had and it has last for ten years without major repair and defective air conditioner compressor?


Tell us the frustration and pain you experience with Trane air conditioning systems.

Submission Guidelines:

Provide as much detail as possible

Here are thing to consider when you’re writing a review.

Serial and model number of the central air conditioning unit you’re reviewing.

Did your Trane central air conditioning come with the house or it was recently install?

What was the major problem you had with this central air conditioner unit?

What have been happening to the central ac unit, since you got it?

  • Was the outdoor unit bad or had been replaced?
  • Did you ever have the indoor blower replace?
  • Maintenance? What the cost?
  • Did you install new thermostat?
  • Had you add Freon within the past month or years?

If you had any of the above replace, what is the repair cost? It would be great if you were to provide as much detail as you remember. Thanks for helping other.

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Share your stories with us and help other homeowners to decide which central air conditioner brands are the best for them.

A lot technician favors Trane ac units. However, it comes down to consumer. You decide! By the way, including photos and rate Trane Ac.

How satisfied were you with Trane air conditioners?

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What good and bad about Trane central air conditioner?
Tell Us Your Stories.

How long had you have Trane central air conditioner without major problem or tell us the painful experience you had after installing Trane air conditioning units?

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Quality Of Installation And Maintenance Can Undermine Trane 
In August 2008 I had a Trane central air conditioning unit installed to replace a 14 year old Ruud system that technician said needed replacing. Within …

Trane Ac is the Best 
I bought a new house (1800 sq feet) 16 years ago and a Trane AC was installed by the builder. The only problems I have had to this day is a disconnected …

We have Trane air conditioners for 9 years  
We had Trane central air conditioners for 9 years without problem. It was running well, until the contactors break. The technician said, it was the …

Do Not Buy Trane Hvac 
Send to Trane: purchased a Trane in 2007 from AllYear Cooling In plantation , in less then four years I have to replace not only the main evaporator coil …

Continued Problems With Trane AC 
I had a NEW Trane heating and cooling system installed in 2003. Within the first 6 months, I had to have 3 service calls on the central air conditioning …

17 yr old TRANE may be de-railing! 
April 27, 2011 I have a Trane Gas/Electric package YCC030F1M0BC downstairs (about 1400 sq ft) and a Trane Heat pumps XL 1200 TWX024C100A1 for the …

Trane central air conditioner 
Trane air conditioning units aren't bad. The one thing I don't care about Trane central air conditioner though is that they still use a hermetic compressor …

New Trane Central Ac and Furnace System 
I just had a complete central air units installed yesterday (April 2011). I live in Dallas where cooling means more than heating. It costs 7,000 even …

Lack Of Carrier Central Ac Unit Information. 
In 2005 I contracted to have a 2907 SQ FT Home built in Byron,GA. I wanted a super efficient home and had the outside wall all covered with OSB, then covered …

Two Trane Hvac Died Within Two Months Apart 
I custom built my home in 2005 and I specifically requested from the builder to have Trane central air units put in.Two months ago one central air units …

What a Trane Wreck! 
At retirement my wife and I built our dream home with what we thought was the best of the best products on the market. The most disappointing purchase …

I would Hop off this Trane If I could afford it! 
I have a New Trane central air units that is 4 years old and only used in the very hottest of weather . The 2nd year the Whole chiller unit needed to be …

Trane Hvac - AVOID at all costs Not rated yet
Our Trane XL16i cooling system was installed in June of 2005. We went with a little larger system than needed for our home. Six years later, we are paying …

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