Goodman Central Air Conditioners Review
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Goodman Central Air Conditioners Review

Goodman had been manufacturer central air conditioner units since 1982. I had heard good and bad thing about Goodman Ac. This is not from contractor or technicians it mostly from consumers.

I had work a lot on Goodman air conditioners and it goods equipment. The reason I think that Goodman has bad review on their central air conditioner units are due to the factor that anyone can installs it. Goodman has no strict rule.

Trane, Carrier and other brand required that you met their standard to install their central air conditioner units but not with Goodman.

I could write all the reason why Goodman Ac are good, but I more interesting to hear what homeowners and consumers think.

Submission Guidelines:

Provide as much detail as possible

Here are thing to consider when you’re writing a review.

Serial and model number of the central air conditioning unit you’re reviewing.

Did your Goodman central air conditioners came with the house or it was recently installed?

What was the major problem you had with this central air conditioner unit?

What have been happening to the central ac unit, since you got it?

  • Was the outdoor unit bad or had been replaced?
  • Did you ever have the indoor blower replace?
  • Maintenance? What the cost?
  • Did you install new thermostat?
  • Had you add Freon within the past month or years?

If you had any of the above replace, what is the repair cost? This is just thing to consider. You can write as much detail as you want. There are no limits.

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Goodman Corporate History

Harold V. Goodman was a contractor with vision. He founded Goodman Manufacturing Company in 1975 after successful installing large amount of residential air conditioner units.

In 1982, Goodman discovered Janitrol (air conditioner manufactory) was closing it doors due to problem and he acquired it. After more than a decade later Goodman bought Amana.

After he bought Janitrol in 1982, his company started manufacturing central air conditioners for residential and late on in 1983, Goodman started making Heat Pump.

Central Air Conditioner Reviews

Homeowners ask a review on Goodman air conditioning brand and I could write all the reason why I consider that its good central Ac brand.

Contractors and technicians will agree that all brands all good including Goodman. The problem isn’t with Goodman Ac its faulty installation.

To be honor, I hadn’t heard any complaint on the Goodman air conditioners I had work with.

I got good feedback from techs on Goodman central air, but I more interesting in your reviews.

So, share Your Goodman Stories with us. Share it here

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How was YOUR Goodman central air conditioners?
Tell Us Your Stories.

How long had you have Goodman central air conditioners without major problem or tell us the painful experience you had after installing Goodman AC units?

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Learn Basic HVAC for better  
I was having difficulty finding parts for my 49 year old central air unit, so, with great trepidation, decided to have it replaced. I began the process …

Central Ac Unit Condensate Drain Leak 
We had our heating and air conditioning system replaced 2 years ago...we went with a Goodman HVAC because my sister had installed a Goodman the year before …

Fail Evaporator Pan Safety Switch 
We had a new Goodman SSX 16 SEER ac unit installed in our home in august 2009. Model number is AEPF426016CA; serial number is 097735419. We have had it …

Goodman Central Air Units Is a Waste of Money 
Bought inside unit in 2006 and replaced outside unit in 2007. Based on recommendation of our long time service man... the central ac unit is a piece of …

Good Goodman AC and Bad Repairman 
I have an older outside Hvac unit that is about 17 years old. I have had several capacitors replaced on it. One being the wrong type which was done by …

Goodman Hvac 12 Years and Counting 
The original Goodman hvac system installed in my Houston,Texas home is still doing a great job. I have it checked out every two years starting at year …

Great Goodman Customer Service 
I'd Goodman central air conditioner installed by VacuVent of Vero Beach, Fl. The Freon leak started couple months after the installation. After months …

Goodman Terrible Customer Service 
GOODMAN UNIT # 0410797819, CPLE48-1C Put Freon in every other year from the day it was installed thinking at the time that it was normal. We only use …

Third Central Air conditioner In 
I had a central ac unit installed to replace an older central ac known to leak. After this installation I am on my third unit in 2 summers with a total …

Goodman Central Ac Unit, Bad Quality  
I have had Goodman central air conditioner since purchasing my home in 2005. I have two central ac units upstairs and downstairs. My upstairs central …

Goodman Manufactured Packaged Unit 
Within 18 months of purchasing my central ac unit and having it installed in my home i have had to have it repaired twice and even though it's under a …

Poor Goodman Central Ac Quality  
This Goodman central air conditioner unit is less that 2 year old and has been having problems since installation. The latest problem is the poor quality …

Goodman Central Air Conditioner System Happy 
We moved to Florida at the end of 2003. We had a complete central air conditioner system. 13 SEER Goodman including air handler installed in May 2004. …

Had Goodman Central Ac Unit For 8 Years and Going Strong. 
I have had a 4 Ton Goodman central air conditioner unit for 8 years with no problems at all. When investigating the various HVACR units I learned there …

Bad Evaporator Coil 
We had our 24 year old Carrier central ac units replaced in August of 2009 because I convinced my wife that they were far past their life span and were …

Goodman Cental AC or (Badman)  
Purchased complete system 9/09,gas unit, coil, condenser. Install system myself. Come spring of '10, find ac not working properly. Hired outside vendor …

Goodman Ac Units From Sears 
We got our Goodman central ac in 2000 from Sears. We were lucking! I had read a lot bad material from Sears and Goodman hvac. It surprises me to find …

Our Goodman Central Air Conditioner  
We had Goodman central air conditioner units for 11 years and it ran fine, except last winter. Our heating units quit running, while we were having …

Capactor blew up on Goodman central air conditioner  
We had Goodman air conditioner for eight years and the capacitor implodes last year. The repair was like one or two hundred dollar. I don't really …

Goodman air conditioner question 
My husband and I are planning to have the contractor install Goodman central air conditioner in our rental home. You mention that Goodman is good brand …

18 Month Central Ac Unit With Leaking Coil 
Can anyone help me on how to deal with Goodman? My evaporator coil is leaking and the installer tell me that Goodman will replace coil, but I will have …

Goodman Evaporator Coil Replaced 
Had Goodman central ac installed in May,2007, and heat did not work in the Fall, and next spring of 2008, central air conditioner did not have Freon in …

Goodman Central Ac Is Not Worth Buying 
1 week after installing Goodman central ac the compressor went, couldn't get a replacement central ac unit and had to have compressor replaced. Less than …

Poor Goodman Customer Service 
I had a Goodman central ac unit on my house for 13 years. When it went out, I replaced with another Goodman unit. In slightly less than two years, that …

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Never Own Another Goodman Central Ac 
We bought our house new and a Goodman Central unit was installed. Over the 6 years we have lived in our house, we have had to call a repairman each summer. …

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