Goodman air conditioner question

by Sarah

My husband and I are planning to have the contractor install Goodman central air conditioner in our rental home. You mention that Goodman is good brand and I had been reading a lot bad review on Goodman by consumers.

I'm not sure if this review is from hvac guys or consumers like me. You're the person that fixes air conditioner, what your thought on this? Is Goodman good or bad brand?


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Evaporater keep running NEW
by: conrad

I installed a 2.5 ton 15 seer g/man. When the a/c cycle the evaporater fan still runs , is that Normal?

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why not goodman NEW
by: mike

goodman has come along way from being a joke to a very capable ac system lugs on the contactor inexpensive and warranty warranty warranty three kind of compressors trane (roto lock) copeland bristol are primarily used in alll ac systems what other company warranties ten year parts with life time compressor (copeland scroll)?plus if you go with a higher seer 16 to18 you get a 10 year unit replacement installed many good man but like i tell my cust ill but any sustem you want go with the warranties if i ever get a chance to work on my own house i cant wait to install my 18 seer comfort net 2 stage condenser 97 percent varible speed furnace (have to retro to propane so icn get rid of big oil) just so happens that the house i bought 7 years ago had already had a goodman installed and im in pa its 20 years old and i just had to flush coil ,and replace filters just remember nothing stops a trane except for the price and you heard of carrier cause you always see or hear there commercials that takes money and who pays for that mr trane or mr carrier NOT good luck

I love Goodman HVAC Units
by: Craig

The first Goodman unit I installed was bought solely because it was less expensive. My company was selling the property and I wanted the cheapest fix for a broken AC unit. As fate would have it, I wound up maintaining the property and 7 years later, the Goodman HVAC unit has been trouble free.

In my profession, I oversee the maintenance and repair of 45 HVAC units. All of my new replacements will be Goodman units.

Julie, you're right on that
by: Don - Webmaster

Central air conditioner units + contractor is not cheap.

Yes, shopping for HVAC contractor is the best thing you could do for your investment.

I would recommend everyone to shop for contractor. It's the wise thing to do.

I didn't go with Goodman Ac units
by: Julie

Hey, Sarah

We were new to this air conditioner world and impatient (it was cold in our area). We were going to sign contractor paper until we received useful answer from a guy in Texas.

Here a Quote from J. (in Texas)

"I am a HVAC contractor in Texas and honestly Goodman is a really decent unit now. Back about 6 years ago they were not so great but they have really come a long way.

The only thing that I don't like about Goodman is that about after a year from the installation date. It tends to break in and get a little on the loud side.

Before you sign with that contractor make sure they are giving you a 410-a Ref. type of system and make sure they're give you the proper size. I know here in Texas you estimate that every 500Sq-Ft is a ton worth of cooling (ex. 3 tons will cool 1500Sq-ft).

If they are giving you a 410-A system then make sure you get on and register you equipment and Goodman will upgrade your warranty to 10yr parts and Limited Lifetime Compressor Warranty, rather then the basic just 5yr parts and 10yr Comp.

I always tell my customers to call around and get second opinions on quotes and I recommend that you do the same because some contractors get better deals then others and you will be a savings up to $1500. I hope this helps.

P.S. If you decide to call and get a second opinion don't ever call the full page ads in the phone book because they have to pay for it some how and that some how is you. Call the smaller ads they are more reasonable and also most people will give you a second opinion for free so don't pay for them."

Central ac is big investment. I would search around before deciding on contractor.

After asking a lot question and doing a lot of reading, we decide not to going with Goodman.

We read from other website saying that anyone could buy Goodman central air conditioner units. This was bad for us, since it's not cheap.

Goodman Air Conditioner Have 10 yrs and lifetime compressor warranty
by: Don - Admin

Sorry for the late respond. Everyone busy!

I heard from other contractor said that Goodman has compressor sound problem after installation. I can't verify if that is true for most contractors or technicians.

If you're having second thought, Goodman has 10 years warranty on parts and limited lifetime Compressor Warranty. You have to register with Goodman to have this upgrade warranty.

We would say that All brands are good brands. You shouldn't focus so much on brand. Instead, you should focus on the contractor and technician installing the central air conditioner units. This is like the four or six time I repeated that sentence to customers today.

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