Goodman Central Ac Unit, Bad Quality

by Tod L
(Holly Springs , NC)

I have had Goodman central air conditioner since purchasing my home in 2005. I have two central ac units upstairs and downstairs.

My upstairs central air continuously fails and my down heating unit continually fails. This past month I paid almost $900 on two separate occasions to get my heater running.

Since 2005 I paid in excess of $10,000 in heating and air repairs and I am on my third evaporator coil for the upstairs unit. I have received very little help, if any from Goodman.

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by: Muller Travolta

Goodman is a quality brand from many years,change your technician or hire an expert technician.
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by: Karen

This is so weird. This didn't happen with mine. It's working so good! Keep us updated.

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find a new company
by: k&d

Goodman is cheap but it does sound like you have a bad installer. Hvac company don't always hire good tech. I've been in the trade 17 years.... most of the tech just sell you something new cause they can't figur out you problem with your system

Goodman Central Ac
by: Dadan

Alarm should had gone off by now. $10,000 within 6 years period is a exceed amount of repair. You should had start seen second or third opinion.

If I were in your position, I'll looking for serious answer from the installation and repair company, including Goodman.

By the way, is this equipment faulty or installation faulty?

by: Chester

You have spent $10,000 on repairs? I think you are dealing with the wrong service company. Your coil should have been under wanrranty, and most reputible companies would have waived the labor on at least the 2nd coil replacement. I am not familiar with the HVAC contractors in your area, but there has to be at least one in a fifty mile radius that can diagnose and repair the problems.
Have you tried to contact Goodman Manufacturing or you trying to deal with the local dealer? Here is contact information to the company.
Consumer Affairs Address
7401 Security Way
Houston, TX 77040
To speak with a Heating and Air Conditioning Consumer Affairs Representative from within the United States, please call 1-877-254-4729,

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