Trane Hvac - AVOID at all costs

by Stephanie A
(Kenmore, WA)

Our Trane XL16i cooling system was installed in June of 2005. We went with a little larger system than needed for our home. Six years later, we are paying $1,500 for repairs. The coiled failed due to a leak.

This failure caused the TXV valve to fail as well. The coil is under warranty but of course the labor is not, so even though the coil is covered, we are still paying $1,500 in repairs to a six year old
central air conditioner.

I was sold this central air conditioning unit under the impression that I was getting a durable ac system that would last a very long time. Trane was more expensive than the other brand I considered. We live in Seattle, so our system does not get heavy use.

The central air conditioning units runs approx 3 months out of the year and seldom for 24 hrs at any one time. I would hate to depend on Trane if I lived in a hot climate. We are also disappointed that it's been two weeks since the part was ordered as we don't have a date scheduled to do the work yet.

I would never buy this brand again. We are paying over half the cost of a new ac system to repair this one. Stay away from Trane. It will cost you too much in both money and frustration.

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