Trane central air conditioner

by Ace B

Trane air conditioning units aren't bad. The one thing I don't care about Trane central air conditioner though is that they still use a hermetic compressor in some of their units. The scroll compressor is said to be 15% more efficient and operates with less noise and moving parts.

In my mind the top three brands are Trane AC, Lennox, and Rheem. Rheem I tend to lean a little more towards since they don't seem to be as "pricy" and from my experience in the field, they hold up just as well as a Trane, or a Lennox.

Also understand the importance of the install, - its the most critical day in the life of the air conditioner units. A central air conditioner unit not installed correctly won't operate at its max efficiency and the compressor will experience a shorter life.

Since most installers aren't required to have any kind of formal training, a technician will understand the importance of pulling an adequate vacuum on the system, checking its superheat, subcool, and external static pressure.

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Lennox furnace ignition problems.
by: john

I had a Lennox Gas furnace - had the board replaced twice. Manually lit the darn thing all winter for over 12 years.

Oh, and the installer for the former owner installed this energy efficient unit with an 11 foot horizontal run to an unlined chimney with no draft inducer - wonderful.

Shop for contractor
by: Shawn

Hey, Paul

Your central ac units only few years old and a technician had worked on it for 5 difference occasion. Wow.. It should last more then 15 or more years.

After replacing the compressor it still have the same problem. You should have got different tech to look at it.

If you're planning to replace your current central air conditioner unit with new, I suggest you shop for hvac contractor. The brand doesn?t really matter. I?m more concern about the contractor.

A contractor or technician can makes best central ac less efficient or make the worse central unit more efficient. By the way, there is not sure thing is worse or best brand or ac units.

It's the contractor and technician that makes it best and worse. If you have a well experience contractor installing your central air conditioner units. I'm pretty it comes out good.

Make sure you shop for a lot of contractor and let them decide. Each contractor prefers different brand. The best place to start is by asking your neighbors or friends. Tell us how much it costs to install in your area at How much does your central air conditioner cost

Good Luck


Trane Central Ac Unit
by: Paul

I have a Trane central ac unit mod # WCCD24F100BG mfg date is 4/2002.

It's freezing up around the compressor and the line coming out of the bottom of the compressor freezes up also. The outside of the central ac unit also freezes. My house stays warm.

The technician worked on the ac unit 5 different times for different problems and he installed a new compressor.

I'm thinking of replacing the central unit and going with a different brand? Any Suggestions?

Not enough info
by: Shawn (Admin)

Like Anonymous said it. You have to be little more specific.. I like to help you, but you got to provide more info.

Contact your local hvac technician
by: Anonymous

DO NOT TAKE THIS as professional advice. I CAN'T SEE YOUR UNITS. Please, contact your local hvac technician.

You have to be little more specific. Is it Heat Pump or regular central air conditioner? I'll guess you're talking about regular central ac units.

When you said, the compressor freezes. Does it has ice around the compressor or it also has ice somewhere?

You either have a airflow restriction or refrigerant line restriction, low freon, dirty filter..That all I could think of as of now with the information you provided.. Which parts freeze more..The big copper line (from evaporator to compressor) or the compressor??

freeze up
by: Paul

What if your train air conditioner freezes up around the com-presser what is wrong whith it and it run all most all the time.

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