How to change air conditioner filters

Why should you replace your air conditioner filters?

Ok, before I tell you how to change air conditioner filters, I should tell you why you should replace it. Some people need a reason to replace it, which is fine.

According to EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), people spend about 90 percent of their time indoor! Not only that, indoor air quality is more polluting then outdoor air!!

We have children spend most of their time indoor playing video game, reading books, playing with their pets.etc.

Nowadays, we have all kinds of chemical that is within the indoor air we breathe; the danger chemical cause health problem for young children, older people and pregnant women.

We could reduce indoor air pollutes to small fraction by known how to change air conditioner filters and known how to choose which air conditioning filters are right for our home.

There are other reasons you should change your air conditioning filter: energy, money! Yes, you save money, and energy by simply replace an air conditioner filter.

There one service called, I dislike the most! I receive a call from homeowner tells me that their central air conditioning units are running, but it not cooling and there is ice in the suction line (big insulation line outside).

I always ask them, “Do you replace your air conditioner filters?” And some homeowner does not know what air conditioning filters or how to change air conditioner filters. This is bad for their wallets.

Air conditioner units are expensive luxury equipment. AC units should have a regular maintenance. It will save energy and the AC units will last longer in the long term.

Replacing the air conditioner unit filters are maintenance everyone could perform. If you do not know how, I will show you how to replace AC filters.

How to change air conditioner filters

Replacing air conditioner filters on a monthly base (some home may vary) are the best way to improve evaporator efficiency and the operation of the entire air conditioner units.

In regular central air conditioner units, evaporator is the components, which absorb heat from indoor and the ac condenser unit rejects heat outdoor.

If evaporator coils are dirty, the dust act as an insulator, it prevents the evaporator from absorb the number of heats it capable of.

A home air conditioner system with dirty air filters or without air filter run for long period will have the same effect to evaporator.

Dirty air conditioner filters will also damage the air conditioner compressors and the blower might pull in the entire air filters into the air conditioning duct. It will cause a major problem to homeowner if ac filters have not been replaced.

Here how to replace air conditioner filters:

    1. Find the air conditioner filters. So, where? In an air conditioner system, there is supply air and return air. The air conditioner filter always in the return air duct. The return air is where it pulls in the air from inside the house.

      Put a paper or your hand against the strip metal cover, you should feel it pulling in the air. Try to look inside it with a flashlight to be sure if the air filters are in it. If the air filter is not on the strip metal cover, it is near or within the furnace units.

    2. There are 3 places to turn off the air conditioning unit: A switch nears the furnace, thermostat, and power breaker. The reason the power must be off because it’s safe, and to prevent the older air conditioner filter dust from getting in the air conditioner unit.
    3. Decide the correct air filters size. There should be a number label in the air filter side, it looks something like this: 20x20x1, 8x16x1. If there is no number or there is no air conditioner filter, measure the filter's area and find the air filter closes to the measurement.

      This is an important step in how to change air conditioner filters, if you put the wrong air filters. It will have the same result, as if there are no air conditioning filters.

    4. Remove the older air conditioner filters; make sure to take it easy remove the older air conditioner filter. You do not want to accidentally dump older air filters dust in it. Clean dust in the filter area with cloth, paper tower, and dirty object nears by.
    5. Choose with air conditioner filters are best for your home. There are air filters that collect dust mites, pollen, tobacco smoke, mold spores or virus.

      The air conditioner filters were originally design to prevent any foreign object from getting inside the fan section and damaging the air the conditioner parts. But now there air filter for everything.

    6. Before you put in the new air filter. There should be airflow arrow in air filters frame. This arrow shows which way to put the air conditioner filters. Example. If airflow goes to the right, make sure the air filter arrow point to the right.
    7. The air conditioner filters should properly fit in the air filter area. We do not want the air to leak around the air filter frame; we want it to go through the air filters.

      To prevent it from leaking air around the air filter's frame, put tape or cloth between the frame and air filters area to fit properly.

How to change air conditioner filters video

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This is how to change air conditioner filters. Remember, Air conditioning units are the expensive appliances in a house and the most energy consumer item. By known how to replace your air conditioner filters: you save money, energy, and health.

How do you remember when to replace air conditioner filters? Here is the best tip to remember. Replace air filter every time you paid the utility bill. If that not specific enough; read how often AC filters filter should be replaced.

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