Intermittent Compressor Start

by Joe
(Westchester, New York)

I have a York condenser (sorry no model number right now) that is about 6 years old. Lately, when I turn on the A/C, there's no issue, the compressor kicks on and the house cools to temperature. The ac unit will then turn off without a problem. However, upon restart (when the temperature in the house rises) the compressor fails to start.

The condenser fan does run (in addition to the air handler) however. Usually, I'll have to wait 15-20 minutes and try again and the compressor will start. My HVAC contractor came already and replaced the capacitor and the hard start kit. Also, an important fact to note is that there is a kink in the suction line about 2 feet from the compressor (not a complete kink, but definitely a restriction in the flow).

From what I've read online, I'm starting to think that the pressure gradient is simply too high for the compressor to deal with. I'm guessing the kink in the suction line is contributing to this. Once the pressure equalizes (i.e. 15-20 minutes later) the compressor starts again.

Any ideas?

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Similar problem - hot weather
by: Nancy W

I also have a York, model H1R0060S05H, about 5 years old. The compressor is on the roof of the condo high rise I live in.

The unit works fine when the outside temperature is under around 85. After that, when the inside temp rises, the fan goes on, but the compressor does not. In time, the temperature rises indoors. Eventually (usually up to 1 hour), the compressor goes on and the apartment cools down to the set temp in about 1/2 hour. By this time, the indoor temp could be 7 or 8 degrees above the setting.

Did your problem get resolved?

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