Compressor Does Not Come On

by Al Zambrello
(Avon, CT)

My air conditioner compressor does not turn on.
Air handler goes on but not compressor. Could
it be the contactor? What else? It is an American Standard Allegieance 10, model number 7a0048b100a1 ? I think the part c147094p09 - unit mfg in 2002.

Checked the main circuit breaker, checked the condensation reservoir pump. Not sure what else to do.

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compressor and fan motor will not run. NEW
by: al williams

compressor and fan motor wont come on. contactor is engaged. I am thinking the problem is the capacitor. what do you think?

What about the condenser fan motor?
by: bigtom25

You said the compressor doesn't come on but does the condenser fan motor? Do the blades on top of the condenser spin? Do the contacts of the contactor suck in when it tries to come on?

Is there a safty pressure switch wired into the contactor? The yellow wires will go from one side of your contactor will go through a safety pressure switch on the discharge line then back to your yellow terminal for cooling on either your defrost board of control voltage board.

If there is a freon leak or the freon is low it won't let the compressor come on. Are your thermostat wires connected correctly? Maybe they got chewed on by a dog or some other animal? Could also be that your run capacitor for your compressor is bad. Is the capacitor bulging or leaking oil?

It's that round or oval shaped thing in the electrical part of the condenser. It might be a dual run capacitor that is for both your compressor and for your condenser fan motor.

If you don't already have one and can get one? A compressor saver or hard start might take care of the problem. If you cap is weak a hard start will kick that compressor on with no problem.

If you were closer I would drive out there and fix it for you right now. I'm in Phoenix, AZ. Hope I'm helpful..

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