Central Air Compresior Not Working

by Wesley

Over the last several days the power has went out and come on real quick. On Saturday they blinked really quick. That is a problem with AEP. Sat. Morning the AC was doing fine. My Dad was home and told me while I Was gone the lights flickered.

When I returned home the Temp in the house was around 80. We realized something wasn't right. So we then turned off the Whole system. We then waited a few mins and turned it back on. The house got up to 84 degrees by this time. That was about and hour later.

This was leaving the furnace fan running and the fan on the AC unit was running fine. I could also not hear the coolant in the coils. About after an hour and a half all of a sudden it starts to cooling. I could then hear the coolant running thru the lines.

As of Sunday all seems to run well. I did however notice the Filter needed changed. I did do that but, I am regulars at changing the filter. Not that I am trying, I have seen a much Dirtier filter than what I had.

In July we had the Furnace person out and they had to replace a part in the furnace because the fan in the furnace wouldn't run. The outside had dirt on the Coils. At that time they then cleaned them. So it seems there shouldn't be any problems.

I know you should wait 5 minute to turn the unit on again. Could the flicker of the lights cause the compressor not to run. The furnace and AC unit are only 3 years old. In the winter we had to have lent cleaned off the electronic starter.

So this is the 3rd problem we have had with the system this year. It's an Armstrong. We called in a emergency call to the repair man, who we have known along time and they never have contacted us as of yet.

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air conditioner had a power surge in storm
by: Anonymous

Are conditioner had a power serge from the storm and burned out the transformer on the unit,well he replaced it and the relay and it still does not run,blows the braker.The fan turns on and the breaker blows.Seems like there is a short some where,could it be the compressr,it is 5 yeras old,we replaced it.The last time it did not blow the braker,just did nothing. Any answres.Thanks lot.

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