Central Ac Indoor Blower Motor Section

by Van
(Columbia, SC)

My Central ac system is about 10 yrs old and has been maintained by professionals, since I purchased the home 3 yrs ago. However, I don't want to have my home warranty involved unless I need to for the $75 service fee.

The problem just started the last week or so during the central ac cycle and I never noticed the problem during the winter and heater use. My central ac thermostat is set on 69 degrees (happens on 68 or 70 too), my blower motor will run for a few hours and then will shut off for approx. 5 seconds then back on and off within 5-10 seconds then will run for minutes or hours while still blowing cold air.

During one time that the blower shut off I went outside and noticed that the outside unit fan was still working and when the blower came back on the air was still cold. When I went in the attic to look at the system, I noticed that a section on the unit was sweating quite a bit.

I changed the batteries in the thermostat last night and it still did it. Any ideas of the problem before I contact my home warranty company? I am mechanically inclined.

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by: hvac tech.

Hello to all,I have been reading many adds on hvac

Problems & must comment.

1. Preventative maint? Every home owner should have a tune-up/clean&check every spring&fall.find a recommended hvac company/tech in your area & go by referrals.I recommend a small owner operated company over a large one.

2. Air flow is key! CHANGE YOUR FILTER EVERY 1-2 months. DO NOT USE expensive filters they restrict your air flow. USE STANDARD FILTERS & CHANGE WITH THE SYSTEM OFF.

3. If your system is older or you purchased the home with an older hvac system have a hvac tech inspect your a coil to confirm it is clean.Make sure they show u the inside/underside of the coil.

In most cases on up-flow furnaces the coil sets directly on top of the furnace,In this case I drill a small hole in the side or back of the furnace & use a fiber optic camera for inspection & then plug the hole.

4.If your outdoor condenser is on the ground make sure it is clear of bushes,plants&that the pad does not have dirt within 12"around it.[f so then put rocks over the dirt & this will help keep the coil clean.

5.If you have cotton wood tree debris blowing in your area in spring wrap the exterior of your condenser with window screen during this period.This will prevent the coil from getting cloged.

FOR EXAMPLE,MOST PEOPLE CHANGE THE OIL IN AUTOS EVERY 3-6 months but don't have a hvac company out twice a year.


by: Mr.D

After changing my filters and cleaning my condenser my AC is still not working I in the past have had my unit recharged after the tech could not find the leak. If I were to not knowingly loose some of or all of my refrigerant would that cause my compressor to burn out.

Additional problem - have to kick it to start
by: ADK

We have a similar problem. The outside unit starts but the inside unit does not. If you KICK it with your foot, it kicks on. It runs all of the time to get the temperature low, but doesn't accomplish that very well. Any idea on how kicking it makes it work? What needs to be replaced?

Indoor Blower On and Off
by: Dadan

Hey, Van

Did you smell anything from the vent, while it does that? Or before it does that. It is possible the motor or relay is bad, but I doubt the capacitor is bad. Hire local technician is the best option from here. Good Luck


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