Temperture Off and Unit/Furnace Running?

by Maggie
(stow,oh summit co.)

I recently moved into this apartment and the heating appeared to be off and we weren’t receiving any heat through are heat ducts. they are the small square on the floor ducts with the blades that open and close to control the heat and air levels. The personnel that came out new nothing.

It now was time for the central air to be used and we find out there’s a problem?? The supposedly professional trained personnel came and changed are thermostat and said the wiring was bad and needed replaced. The wiring was repaired? and The capacitor was replaced? What this part does I’m not sure?? Only, the unit outside continued to run and the furnace.

I assume it has the blower? then the unit outside was shut down after 14 hours of running constantly nonstop. We then had the thermostat rechecked and the outside unit and was told it was low on freon and the unit needed a new compressor Now!! Why? Would they have not seen that the freon and compressor was bad when the contactor was said to be bad and replaced??

My central air conditioner unit continued to run and the thermostat did not meet on the set and room temperature and the ac unit and furnace continued to run run run!!! Please Help need guidance and some advice. Being charged for service call over and over and they have not completed the job as far as I am concerned???? Thanks for Listening!!

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Furnace Running? NEW
by: Anonymous

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lady NEW
by: CJV

if they don't know how Central AC is suppose to work they don't belong in this field,
The first thing you have to ask them is to show you their EPA certification if they don't have that turn them away...Good luck

Wrong Central Air Conditioner
by: Dadan

Hey, Maggie

We apologize for the late respond.

We had to search through all the unnecessary question to find your serious question.

Yeah, it toughens to not have air conditioning in this hotter weather.

Follow up on my earlier comments on Central air unit/thermostate!
by: Maggie

i recently posted a comment regarding heating and cooling problems and stated we had several companies come and inspect the Central air unit outside and whatever else they did while they were here? Anyway, I decided I wanted to request a second opinion since it appeared the recent company was lost and just trouble shooting and was not on the same page with each other as employees and coworkers!

Well, I got a second opinion and Guess What!! They had some how rewired our central air unit with the upstairs apartment above us and so, when we ran our air it was going to there house and when they ran there air it was coming to our apartment. Go Figure?? and there business people!! Then the company that came out on the second opinion found that problem and did his stuff and we had cool air coming up our registers.

Now!! the dilemma after they got the thermostat to work and reach its SET TEMPERATURE (70@ meeting 70@ cool in the house). Only, after about 15minutes the unit and blower kicks on and runs for brief times and then shuts off till the next time. Averaging about 8 to 12 minutes in between each time. The thermostat is staying at 70 degrees in the house. So, Why would it continue too come on?? I say because the thermostat needs looked at and its possible it isn't wired correctly either. The technician installed the thermostat and the electricians and the other tech from the other company did not check the wiring or take the thermostat off the wall too ensure since we had all the problems that it was correct!

The people upstairs of us in our apartment complex just now complained of problems with there central air! As I said before the unit we were working on assumeing it was our unit was theres. So, it it wasnt for me bitching and being persisted they wouldnt have no air at all right now.

I even lost my temper with the electrican tech from the company that came out the first time. He pissed me off by lieing too me inreqards to a freon leak in the unit.

Because he put freon in the unit and it was low before and that was the second time! LEAk EXSISTS!! Some people in our complex did like it because it bothered them all the noise and me bing opinionated and aggressive! I said, Shallow People, It was in the middle of the afernoon and what business is it off theres.

They dont pay my bills or live ing my apartment!! HElp! I need to fiqure out the problem. Afraid the heating will be a problem also, Thank God I dont have too worry about it now!! Anyone recommend some one or a company that could find the thermostae problem it would be deep appreciated
Thanks!! Again!!

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