Central Ac Unit Is Suspect, Not Working Properly But Told It Is.

by jason

I have all three problems that is described on the CAC problems page. I live in Arizona and the house is six years old. Two Carrier Units two zones. One unit does a bigger zone in the house. 3200sq ft but unsure the actual livable sq footage.

It seems the coil ducts do sink a little and can be bent too much. But it seems that the thermostat may be off in degree (I suspect).
it will turn on and cool but only cools for a short time and the temp in that zone feels certainly warmer than the other zone but is still reading a certain degree. but zone to zone the temps may be reading the same temp on the thermostat but the units are acting different. meaning, they are running at different lengths of time.

I had a specialist come and tell me everything is working. shot the red laser up to the vents and tell me everything is ok. the system was designed to be efficient. but one side of the house is crazy hot and the other gets crazy cold. I'm sure it is an air flow issue but at the same time there is a problem with the readings.

#1-Central Air Conditioner unit Is Running, But Not Enough Air

You have the outdoor units and the indoor units are running, but you’re not receiving enough air from the Ac system. The air is cold, but not enough to cool the house down.

The main device that supposed to move the air within the house is the indoor blower. The symptoms could be:

1. The blower’s blade is dirty.
2. Blockage within the duct.
3. Duct leaks.
4. Blower’s capacitor is damage.
5. Blower’s motor is bad.
6. Blower is on low speed.
7. Dirty filters.

#2-The Indoor Blower Is Running For A Short Time, Then It Stops.

If the indoor blower motor is cycling on and off, the problem could be the capacitor is bad. The internal thermal overload is causing the motor to do that.

#3-One Room Is Warmer Than The Other.

If you have one bedroom is warmer than the other bedroom. The possible problem could be:

1. you had a lot of electronic that is producing heat on that specific room.
2. Ducts Leak.
3. The grille is closes.
4. Object is blocking the air flow.
5. Restriction within the duct.

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