Buzz Noise Outside Motor

by butch f
(alexandria , Louisiana U.S.A.)

March 24, 2011

03/23 *if any way Possible need reply "a.s.a.p." , it's starting to get HOT here in Alexandria , La.71302*

We had this central ac unit running approx. couple of weeks ago {during warm weather spell}, Now can't get unit to run ?

At 1st only heard "buzz noise" talked to some people & check'd {internet} Everything pointed to BAD capacitor , so took off old , went to Appliance Parts , bought new capacitor {noticed before installing that there was a BURNT Wire,which was replaced 1st} then installed new capacitor*went by wiring diagram on cover panel* after installing wires back on new capacitor motor ran 'approx. 2minutes' made Loud noise , then Shut it's shelf down!

Now back to Buzz noise & the Electric {fan}motor got " H O O O O O T " by smell & touch!will not run again !!!! Made more phone calls & check'd internet , told to check the connections*wires that U push on post of new capacitor {wear-pit's} & a couple of other possibilities , just to be safe Before go & Buy a New fan motor ?

Do U or anybody else {there} have any suggestions that we can try , Before buying {new} Fan motor , the weather is starting to get Warm , will be HOT pretty soon & like just about everybody else now days , money is tooooo tight & hard to come by to just start buying everything just to see if maybe might be reason Rudd central unit will Not run!

THANK U for all of your HELP

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Loud noise when shutting off NEW
by: Anonymous

Carrier2 ton central unit , makes a loud humming noise about 1 minute before it shuts off and it is intermittent , any suggestions what this is

capacitor testing
by: george

No bigg deal to check capaitor,take of the two wires connect both wires to the mains voltage,turn on supply,turn of supply ,now take insulated screwdriver short the capacitor wires,you should get a fat spark coming frim the capacitor,dont forget turn off the mains when you check the spark,if no spark occurs change the capacitor,

Buzz Noise Outside Motor
by: butch

1st , THANK U for every bodies comments on this subject ! This Problem ended up having a very strange/funny ending .

Yesterday a Air Conditioner Tech. came by[friend of ours] told me that this repair man had done some work for another good friend of his & believed that he had done a Good Job , anyway the man came to our house & went directly to the air conditioner compressor to ck it out , pulled out his Test Equip. & in No Time , told me that the Only Problem that we had was that when {i} re-wired the new Capacitor , some how i put the 'purple' wire in the WRONG clip [Capacitor] & looked like he also might had did a little more work on some other wires{????} & Presto Everything is running like Brand New ? ? ? ?

Shame on me , BUT to my defense i have NEVER said that i was any good @ Electricity & guess this Proves it[ha ha] .BUT again i THANK U all for your comments [to the info i had put in my problem]

by: Chester

I realize money is tight, but the money you have already spent seems to have of no value. There is no substitute for a qualified HVAC technician. Someone on the internet told you to change out a capacitor and that did not solve your problem. You can go out and buy a new motor and capacitor and install and this may fix your problem. There could be another problem that is causing the motor to burn up and if this is true you may well burn up your new motor and capacitor. This will leave you where you are now, HOT!

Before you throw good money after bad call a qualified HVAC technician to make your repairs. Generally this is the least costly method of getting a system up and running.

Bad Condenser Motor
by: Dadan

This is a split central ac condenser motor correct? It great if you were to upload picture of the wire diagram. It also great if you were to provide number. Like, voltage, ampere draw...

It seem to me like you have motor problem {from hot and smell within the condenser fan motor}. This assumption is without check voltage, ohm and ampere drawing on the motor.

You didn't mention what MDF/uF capacitor you replace. If you're replacing the motor, check the condenser fan to ensure it rotate in the correct direction.

Info above is just my OPINION, it best you contact your local qualified HVAC technician.

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