Top Fan Stopped

by Eric

Well, it started when I got home and e house was HOT 91 degrees. It was blowing air out the vents so I checked the key pad it was on cold. I then went outside and the units fan wasnt turning but making a kind of wining noise.

I then pulled the breaker and let it sit. After that I opened the top to check if any debree was blockin it as the day before I cut the yard nothing was there I put the top back on and put the breaker back in and the fan struggled to turn but came on. Now its a little louder the fans moving but still hot in the house. I dont know what it can be. Sorry if I misspell anything im writing this from my car with the a/c on. ITS HOT!

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aircondition NEW
by: Anonymous

my fan motor runs for about 20 minutes then shuts off. I let it cool down then it goes to work again.Do u think my capacstor ie going bad.

Fan turning half speed NEW
by: BRF

Fan on condenser is turning about half speed and after a little time it will stop (probably got hot). Checked voltage from fan tab on capacitor to ground and got about 80V . Is capacitor bad you think?

i have replaced fan motor and capacitor.. All New. NEW
by: Anonymous

I've replaced the capacitor because I was told it was bad. After that didnt fix the problem I bought
a new Fan motor. I have installed that properly but the fan is doing the same thing. It will come on for short period and then shut off. what else can it be and how do i fix this problem.


advice please NEW
by: Anonymous

The fan wouldn't turn on paid a tech to replace a burnt fuse. He studs the fan was making a noise but should work good. My house was still hot and had to put it down to 74 degrees in my house to cool. The fan is struggling to stay turning. It turns 3 times then wants to shut off them starts again. Please can someone help me.

Wrong run cap entry
by: David

I appoligize about the wrong details on the run cap.
AM/Rad part # RA2000/37 (556+505)
Goodman P/N: B94575900 RA2000/37 (556+505)
The rating is:55.0/5.0 MFD+10%-5% on the label.
Product code: 3329
The ac man installed a bit higher rating of 5% over & recommeded not to go over that & it's & alot smaller than the one that went out.
Units working fine now.
Just afraid the ball bearing driven motor might lock up eventually.
No way to lube the shaft.
Not sure of the correct motor to replace in it.
1/6 hp FLA 1.3
Wife is a diabetic & can't afford for it to go out again.
Just want to be prepared for the worse.
Inside unit's a MGA model Intertherm (coleman natural gas burner) mobil home downflo unit with a new evap coil & plastic tray which I had the motor replaced a year back but is a highr rpm motor that its not rated for.
Have problems with it heating the home in the winter but ok for the summer.
Duct work in the home is not the cleanest it should be but not restricted in any way.
Thank you for replying back!
I am electrically experienced in home repair & safe at doing it.

Love you site.........

Be glad to donate if you have those options to do so.

Condenser Capacitor
by: Dadan

If you condenser coil is not dirty, it not necessary to clean it three time a day. Yeah, the water does help with the condenser unit heat transfer, but it not necessary.

Whenever, you clean the condenser coil; it best to clean the coil from inside-out. (Spray the water from inside the coils, so the dirty could flow freely outside the coil). If you were to spray the water from outside the coil, the dirty will get inside the coil. (Underneath the condenser fan).

DO NOT spray water in the condenser electrical compartment just the condenser coil. ALWAYS TURN THE BREAKER OFF WHENEVER CLEANING THE CONDENSER COILS and there are a lot information on how to clean the condenser coil online.

DO NOT put patio table umbrella so close to the condenser unit! The purpose of the condenser unit is to reject heat.

If you put umbrella close to it, it will restraint the condenser ability to reject heat. This is losing efficient. Read more on how air conditioner condenser unit works.

"50 FSA run cap" I'm not sure I understand that! If a capacitor has bulging or leak, it is a bad capacitor. I don't remember condenser fan motor having a 50 MFD capacitor.

No, you don't need tech to replace condenser fan motor every time capacitor goes bad. Nowadays, capacitor will always goes bad within 2 to 7 years, it is normal. But, it always best practice to replace the capacitor whenever, the condenser motor is being replace.

Run Cap went out
by: Anonymous

I have a 3 summer old Goodman 3 ton condensor unit where the 50 FSA run cap finally burn't out & I had it replaced. The temps here for the last 2 summers has been in the triple digits here in Okla.

Now I keep a very good eye on it & wash the coils down frequently to keep it cooled down about 3 times a day during the hot times.

I also put an patio table umbrella over the top of it to keep the direct sunlight off it.
It help's!!

My question is!

With run cap going out, does that mean it getting time to go ahead & replace the
condensor fan motor?

Is it safe to wash the coils down?

I'm so cool !!!!!!!!!
by: Steven M

I replaced the start run capacitor and the top fan in the outdoor unit and all is well

out door top fan
by: Steven M

My central ac units top fan needs a push to start but will run after it starts but the compressor tries to run but cuts out, I believe its the fan due to me cleaning the coil with coil cleaner and a water hose it ran fine cooled the house but the power went out in my neighbor hood and when the power came on the out door fan wouldn't turn on its own I will check the run capacitor in the morning.Don't worry i went to school for HVAC

Condenser Fan Motor or Capacitor is bad
by: bigtom25

Shut the unit off and see if you can spin the blade of the fan motor manually? If it spins freely then your motor is not locked up.

If it doesn't you need a new motor. Also check the bearings of the motor. To do that you hold the shaft of the motor or the center hub of the fan blade and move it side to side.

Not in and out but side to side or top to bottom. If you can feel movement or hear it make a ting or thunk noise then your bearings are bad.

Another good sign your bearings have failed is there will be an excessive amount of oil on your fan motor. When the bearings fail the oil will leak out and the fan blade or the force of air will blow that oil back on the motor.

If there is no bearing play in the shaft, and your blade spins freely. Then your other problem could be your run capacitor. Is your run capacitor bloated or leaking oil? Can you check the capacatance of the capacitor? You will need a capacitor tester to do that.

If you have a bad capacitor your motor will spin very slowly or not at all. Just depends on how weak your capacitor is. The first thing I always check is if the fan blade spins freely.

Then check the capactior and if the motor is getting proper voltage. If you know what your doing it's easy to figure it out. I've been in the field now for 11 years and just started my own company last june. Hope I was able to help with your problem.

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