Central Air Conditioning Units Cost in Mississippi

by Dadan

Central air conditioner repair cost in Mississippi State? - It’s a estimation!

How much does it cost to fix central air unit?

To determine the exact amount, you need

Diagnostic fee + Part fee + Labor fee + fuel fee

HVACs troubleshooting fee

This is a fee to have a Tech look at your central air units. There are three types of fee homeowner can pay Technician, these fee are:

Business hrs fee – After business hrs fee – Weekend fee

Business hrs – This fee range from 50 to 90 dollar fix or per hrs rate

After business hrs fee – It range from 96 to 100 dollar fix or per hrs rate

Weekend fee – It range in 96 to 115 dollar fix or per hrs rate

How far you are from the HVACs service company will have effect on this fee.

Labor fee – What is being done to the central air units will determine the correct fee. The labor fee will range from $80 to $950.

A list of answer to homeowners repair cost question on central air conditioner, heating, and Heat Pump in MS.

Central air conditioner parts Fee – Here is link for the estimate part cost: estimation part cost table

Ask for repair price

The Tech will forget to quote the total repair price up front, so ask for it or you will find it very unhappy.

The cost to repairing specific part on central ac unit, heating unit, and Heat Pump in MS

How much does it cost to replace an air conditioner condenser?

    • R-22 condenser unit - Manufactory can still produce R-22 without refrigerant and shipped to contractor. The price range will be in $900 to $2,200 to replace R-22 condenser unit with labor.
    • R-410A condenser unit - To replace a condenser unit with R-410a, it will be around $1,500 and up.

Replacing a condenser unit involves:

    • Recovering refrigerant
    • Disconnecting condenser unit, including liquid line and suction drier
    • Cleaning and testing the copper line
    • Put new liquid and suction drier
    • Put new condenser unit
    • Pressure test the copper line and pull deep vacuum
    • Add the correct amount of refrigerant

What other factor will determine, “how expensive the condenser unit will be?”

The Ton, Ac seer, and brand of the central air conditioning units will determine the price.

How much does it cost to replace an outdoor air conditioner motor? - what is involve in replacing the old condenser motor?

  • Taking off old motor and electrical wire
  • Putting new motor and run capacitor

It seems so easy, but it not. It will take an hours or 2 hrs. On an older condenser unit, it is hard to take the motor apart from the fan. A technician will determine if he/she should replace the motor fan.

  • The prices to replace just the condenser motor range in 320 to 520 dollar.
  • Replacing the motor and with a bad fan will range in 360 to 650 dollar with labor.

Small electrical parts

To replace an small electrical part cost in $155 to $255.

  • Relay
  • Capacitor
  • Transformer
  • Contactor
  • wire

How much does HVACs circuit board cost?

The circuit board price range will determine by the central ac brands. It ranges from $300 to $500.

How much does to replace Heat pump reverse valves cost

Replacing the reverse valves involves dealing with refrigerant and it can take 1 to 2.5 hrs. The cost can range in 350 to 670 dollar.

  • Recovering refrigerant
  • Disconnecting four-way valve as well as the liquid line and suction drier
  • Cleaning the copper line
  • Adding new liquid and suction drier
  • Put new four-way valve
  • Pressure test the copper line and pull deep vacuum
  • Add the correct amount of refrigerant

How much does it cost to add Freon in a central air units?

Adding R-22 refrigerant

The price of air conditioner refrigerant is per pounds. R-22 refrigerant will ascend with time as of now, the price range of R-22 per pound $49 to $87 in MS.

Adding R-410a Freon

Newer central air conditioning unit will have R-410a as it Freon. R-410a will be replacing R22 near future. It price range $55 to $90 per pound.

How much is the cost to fix Freon leak

To pinpoint a leak in residential air conditioner could take day and it cost from 260 to 500 bucks. It will also take 40 min to 2 hrs to fix leaks. It will be in range of 430 to 850 dollar to find leak, fixing it, and Freon cost, if needed.

How much does it cost to replace a central ac compressor? - A list of item will be charges to replacing a old compressor without warranty.

  • The original troubleshooting feel
  • Recovering old refrigerant cost
  • The labor to disconnect the compressor
  • New liquid line dryer and suction dryer
  • New Freon prices, if needed
  • Materials cost for the labor
  • Tax

The price range is in $785 to $1250. The location of air conditioner compressors will have effect on the prices of replacing it. If the compressor is from burnout central ac unit, it may be little expensive.

Air conditioner compressor with warranty

If the contractor follow book, it may be in range of $450 to $650

Indoor Central Ac Part Cost

How much does it cost to replace air conditioner filters

The price range for not understand the central ac unit is in $90 to $120. If you don’t understand it, here links: how to change air conditioner filters

How much does an evaporator coil cost

Replacing the evaporator coil is the same process as replacing the condenser unit and the compressor. It price range is from $850 to $1200.

How much to replacing expansion device in central air units

Replacing the expansion device also follow the same step to replacing the compressor. The price can range from $550 to $900 with labor.

How much would it cost to replace air conditioner fan?

  • Indoor motorwill range in 375 to 420 dollar.
  • Indoor motor with house will range in $435 to $650.

How much does it cost to replace capacitor?

The cost to replacing the outdoor or indoor unit capacitor can range from 112 to 135 dollar with labor.

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Do not use HECTCO-called for special price of 89$ tune-up special and rep was very unprofessional, did not have equipment needed for service call nor performed what they advertised. Unit not working { not cooling in heat of afternoon and running nonstop} rep didn't check any ductwork or take outside unit apart. Looked inside and checked fuse and told me 'thats as good as it gets in 90 degrees" now- searching for honest reputable company.

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