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These Factors Affect Seer Ratings

Air Conditioner Seer Part 1

Ac seer – Where the SEER number located?

Ac seer rating is located in outdoor units. There should be a yellow tag that tells the SEER rating. This seer rating is laboratory maximum rating of that central air conditioner unit.

Homeowners understand that seer rating is important in selecting or buy central air conditioner units. However, having a higher seer rating or Energy Star air conditioner does not mean you received the maximum air conditioner seer.

These factors determined if you’re getting the air conditioning unit maximum laboratory seer ratings. A laboratory seer rating is the maximum seer the ac units could have (according to the laboratory test).

Real world seer ratings of the central air conditioner units depend on these factors. It does not matter if the central ac units have the highest seer ratings out there. However, if this factors are not meet. You might as well have the lowest ac seer rating.

It not technical, I will just explain why it affects the central ac unit’s seer rating. It will be easier to understand information. Factors that effect air conditioner seer

Installation by hvac contractor

I had seen homeowners focus so much on the best central air conditioner, the best brand, higher seer rating, but it all come down to proper installation by hvac contractor.

Some homeowners didn’t realize that HVAC contractor has a major part in making the central ac units perform to it maximum seer rating.

You could have the highest ac seer or the expensive ac unit. It doesn’t matter. HVAC contractor has the last words. The real seer rating determine from their works.

Refrigerant charge

Ac refrigerant is what carries the heat from evaporator coil to the condenser coils. By having too much or too little refrigerant. It will affect how the evaporator coil absorbs heat and how the condenser coils reject heat.

If the central ac units is overcharge it will flooded the condenser with liquid refrigerant and reduce it ability to reject heat.

Too little refrigerant will starves the evaporator. It may freeze the evaporator coil. That why it’s important for the central air conditioner units to have proper charge.

Too much refrigerant will have high suction pressure, low superheat, high head pressure and central air conditioning compressor will draw high amp.

Too little refrigerant will have low suction pressure, subcooling, and compressor amp will draw low amp due to less mass of refrigerant in the ac units.

Overcharge or undercharge refrigerant will have major impact on what type of expand device the central ac units uses.

Fixed orifice expand device will seriously affect system perform. If the ac units is thermal expansion valve (TXV). It will adjust how much refrigerant it needs. Central air conditioner size

Central ac units that oversize have effect on the Ac seer rating of the entire central air conditioner units. Oversize central ac units will affect the comfort, reduce Ac life span, energy use, and high maintenance costs.

A central air conditioner unit that is oversize often runs for short periods and goes off without removing humidity. It won’t reach it peak perform and homeowners feel uncomfortable. In the long term, oversize ac units waste energy.

It often has effect on the central air conditioner parts from stopping and starting. Ac units aren’t meant to cycling off and on. It shorts the hvac life span by starting and stopping frequently.

According to field studies, central air conditioner units on averages are oversized from 24% to over 100%. By oversize ac units, they think it will reduce services calls. However, oversize central ac units affect ac seer.

Air flow

The air conditioner evaporator provides the cool air. Without proper airflow across the evaporator coil, the temperature change efficiency in the evaporator will reduce. This will reduce the entire ac unit’s efficiency.

Low air flow problem often caused by (presume blower works correctly):

    Dirty Ac filter
  1. Small ducts
  2. Layout with ducts system that causes restriction
  3. Air leaks
  4. Improper select of grilles

Ton of air conditioner unit supposed to have 400 cfm cross the ac evaporator coil. 400 cfm per ton is just rule of thumb. Each manufacturer had different airflow across the evaporator coil.

Air conditioner distribution system -- “Ducts System”

The duct system distributes the air across the room

Duct System’s Term.

    Supply ducts – This is where the cool air came out from the ac units.
  1. Return ducts – Hot air that goes into the air conditioner units.

A leakage with the duct system will have effect on the air conditioner seer. So, make sure there is no leak. Leaking duct will have effect on the ac units.

Air leak from the supply line

An air leaking from the supply line kills the purpose of having high seer rating units. It’s like having the window open and wondering why the house never cool. It wastes energy and lose ac unit capacity.

Air leak from the return line

Any unwanted air leaking from the return line, cause the central air conditioner units to work hard. Air leaking from the return ducts brings unfiltered air from attic or crawlspace. What types of air it bring, depend on where the return ducts located.

The combination of return and supply ducts leak will cause energy lost a lot and will decrease the ac seer of that central air conditioner units severely.

Besides the leakage, there’re also the ducts insulations. The ducts have an insulator within the ducts or outside the ducts. If the insulator is peel off or missing. Use a duct tape to fix it.

Accordantly to field studies, 25 to 40 percent of cooling or heating energy is loss due to duct leakage and poorly insulated ducts.

Central air conditioner maintenance

Air conditioning maintenance is the best way to maintain the current ac seer rating on the central air conditioner units. People don’t realize that regular maintenance on their central air conditioner units is saving them money.

It’s so easier to change ac filter. Unfortunately, most people don’t. By changing the filter regularly it will keep the ac units run efficient and keep the indoor air clean.

A service contract is expensive. I realize that. However, do what you can to save money on the central air conditioner units. Like, changing ac filter, cleaning the air conditioner condenser.

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