Sears Technician Blames Each Other

by Elizabeth

first off .. I pay for the insurance takes forever to finally get a tech to fix the ac problem ..every tech blames the one prior for not doing the job right...then you wait another 2 weeks or more for them to set another appointment...only to have the tech come and say I cannot fit into the space to fix it you have to call home improvement .. I called again and was told the tech ordered a blower he said was not working..that was news to me.

First sears sent me a small unit to replace my large fedders ..It did not cool my home..complained ..they sent a supervisor ..he looked at my paperwork and said I paid for something larger...they took the unit out and replaced it suddenly water was coming down from the air conditioner ...ruined my ceiling...could not get sears to repair......

Water in turn created mold in all the vents ..had to pay over one thousand dollars to clean the black mold I am very unhappy since I called sears when I had a problem with very loud banging noises from outside unit the tech said it was air sucking in the unit and did not come over 3 weeks later the whole air conditioner shut down and I was told I would have to PAY FOR THE BLOWER the temp in NY is over 100 degrees as we speak

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Jul 17, 2010
Watch For...
by: Shawn

Hey, Elizabeth

Dadan wrote briefly on that subject in Best hvac contractor

Here it is:

"Watch for...

Be careful with big company that hires subcontractor to install heating and air conditioner units. I?m not talking about big air conditioner company; they take responsibility for their mistake.

For example, let?s say the big company is AB1 Company and AB1 Company has a department that deals with central air conditioner units.

AB1 Company hires subcontractor to install central air conditioner for you. After three years, the compressor breaks and you contact AB1 Company, but the AB1 company said it?s not their problem, so you need to call the subcontractor.

They start pointing finger at each other and it goes to be hard to get your problem fix. The best solution is you need to find out who will take responsibility if the central ac units have faulty installation."

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