Dependable Graham, USA, California

by Sandy
(Huntington Beach, CA)

Dependable Graham was one of five contractors/companies I obtained bids from for the replacement of my 1972 forced-air furnace. They were prompt in all their dealings with me and had nicely detailed bids and contract documents.

I was originally going to buy a Carrier brand, but they found me a really good deal on a unit from Johnson Controls, so I went with that. Dependable Graham's price was about half of Home Depot's quote. After installation I did have some issues with the drain line, which they fixed immediately. I don't hold that against them since every installation is unique and they were very responsive when I called them a week after the installation.

They had all the paperwork ready for me to apply for the state rebates and they also had the information about financing through the local gas utility (which I did not do, but they were one of the only contractors who knew about the program).

Overall, I am very satisfied with the furnace they chose as it is two-stage, quiet and very efficient. My gas bill dropped by about 15% after the new furnace began operating.

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