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by Consumer

Decided on a new central ac unit is not easy task. Don’t feel bad. Just between you and I, - I have hard time decide on cereal! I understand that some homeowner will go with the expensive central ac unit out there. It is same with my cereal, lol.

It is just human natural … I guess. We want the best central air out there. The best is not necessary what we need. We need heating and cooling system that is right for our environment.

If we live in the North American, we need different HVAC then our peer group, who live in the South American. Don’t fall into the mindset that we need the best central ac in the market.

There are different types of central heating and cooling system. In some area, heat pump is the best option for their environment. In other area, regular central air conditioning unit is the best choice.

If we live in the country side, we need to consider geothermal heat pump. The initial price of geothermal heat pump is scaring, but in the long term, it saves money.

If we have sensitive ears, we need to look at HVAC unit that produce less sound or vibration. Some people need the outdoor unit to match their house. They choose the right condenser color for their house (not every HVAC manufacture have fancy outdoor unit).

Remember, we decide what we need. If we don’t know, contractor will decide. Sometime he doesn’t have our best interest in mind.

Learn and doing resource is the best option, before we invest in central air unit. This is the only way to get great return in our investment.

  • Pick the best HVAC contractor in the area.

    • Don’t just trust our HVAC dealer blindly, DO resource.
    • If we don’t know what is going on, how do we know someone is taking advantage of us?

  • Ask the HVAC Company, does it have it own HVACs contractor.

    • If they hire third party to install their HVAC unit, this is troubles.

  • Don’t focus so much on HVAC brand.

    • Some HVAC company sells the same equipment under different brand.
    • The establish brand are expensive
    • Almost all HVAC part are the same.

  • Consider about the warranty
  • Every transaction needs to be on paper. This is very important.

We need to:

Stay away and don’t listen to someone … who tells us:

“We need the top HVAC brand”

“We need the highest SEER, HSPF or AFUE rating

S/he is just after our green paper and does not have our best interest in mind. We should listen to the contractor, who has our best interest in mind.


Contractor and HVAC manufacture is 2 independent agents. If a part fails, who is to blame? They will point finger at each other, so we need warranty (10 or plus years).

Btw, HVAC manufacture only replaces the parts if it fails within the warrant period and we have to hire Service Company to replace the parts.

If we have doubt about contractor works, we need to seen second opinion. Don’t be afraid to seen second opinion, if we feel something is not right, we might be correct.

Don’t hire a friend of a friend to install our HVAC unit or a friend from our church. They might not be our friend when the HVAC unit breaks within four weeks.


We may buy expensive central air conditioner unit, but it ALL come down to contractor. He decides the central air life span or how efficient it is.

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