Carrier Central Air Conditioner Not Cooling

by Chad
(Glenford, Ohio)

I have a carrier tech2000ss central air conditioning unit. Turn air conditioning unit on yesterday and left for the day. Came home and house was warm. I replaced the furnace filter, washed the outside unit and then noticed a short humm noise that lasted about 2 seconds. It repeats itself about every 3-5 minutes.

The lights in my basement dim during this hum noise (2 seconds) and I can actually here the hum at the breaker in the panel during the "surge". I pulled cover and checked the compressor. It was hot and the line set wasn't cold at all.

The capacitor doesn't have any defects but the contact switch (where the 3 wire comes from the outside breaker box into the unit) does have a little black on one of the terminals. Not sure what the deal is, but it is definitely calling for power (the hums) so not sure if a piston is stuck in the compressor or if there is an electrical issue.

The fan on the outside unit runs just fine. The wires to the breaker box are tight, so it shouldn't be a loose wire. Thanks for the help. It is a copeland zr48k3pfv235 compressor.

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air NEW
by: Aaron

You should check the voltage.

2000 tech carrier a/c NEW
by: Anonymous

water coming out of vents

Need Model and Serial number
by: Shawn

I don?t have electrical diagram of Carrier Tech200ss with me. It sound like the compressor is trying to start and it not getting enough power. You said you check the capacitor for the compressor and it ok.

You could check the voltage in the contact to make sure it supplying the correct amount. We know the contactor is providing power to the condenser fan. Check the ?little black on one of the terminals? to make sure it not bad.

Yes, it possible the piston is stuck. What is the serial and model number of your central air conditioner units? I?ll try to find electrical diagram for it.

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