Air Temp Services - Wayne- NJ

by Malone

At the time it seemed that my AC- problem was fixed- but unfortunately 8 hrs later the AC unit stopped working again.. For $150 - a diagnostic was done- and it took maybe 35 min. Of course, I was fine; yet, by the time he left- my AC was working. 8 hrs later-It wasn't because I felt the issue was not fixed.

My thermostat should be replaced- but I felt he did not know a lot about this model- did not know how to turn the fan on high I am not sure if he is the guy to do further work on my unit. I called somebody else who actually specialized on my unit- should have called him in the first place.

Don't give me wrong the issue was fixed by the time he left- but I was without cool air again 8 hrs later.

I did call Air Temp back- because I feel a little ripped off. I got a call back and the guy was already on 180- yelled on the phone- did not listen to my issue and totally talked over me. At the end he said f*** o** and hung up.

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