17 months and two coils Fail

(Jupiter, FL)

Replaced old "contractor special" unit with a new Rheem inside and out - day of original Rheem installation, the coil leaked. They (the contractor) replaced the coil quickly and everything seemed to be OK.

Now, 17 months later, the central ac unit needed 2 lbs of R410A and sniff test points to another leaking coil.

$150 for initial call fee and 2 lbs of freon, then quoted $650 in labor to replace the busted coil. UNBELIEVABLE! This review is more about my contractor than the Rheem - but I want to believe that they (the contractor) used Rheem parts, and if that is the case, then they have a QC issue in their coil division.

When the central ac system is and stays charged, the AC works very well - pleased with the 17 degree delta even in our stupidly hot attic. I do believe Rheem makes a quality product, but they need to address the coil issues as it seems to be a common topic.

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Nov 23, 2011
Look to the South!
by: Anonymous

Rheem coils like most factory's these days are built in Mexico and your on the money with the QC statement. I would not have the coil repaired, only accept full replacement.

I would suggest you be there when they remove the new coil from the box it's shipped in. We tell our installers to make sure they hear the nitrogen charge being released when pulling off the the factory plugs on the refrigerant line connections.

If the nitrogen charge isn't present they are to return the coil to the supplier. Have the installers pull a deep vacuum and check to see it holds and then pressurize the system with nitrogen and see if it holds.

The only Rheem equipment being made in the USA has to be requested in the specifications from the contractor. Which means only large orders no small retrofit job applies. Good Luck!

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