York HVAC will blow cold then goes to room temperature.

by Hot in Houston
(Houston, TX)

Howdy.. We have a 9 years-old 2 central air conditioner unit 13.5 SEER/3.5 TON York HVAC system (smaller unit for downstairs; bigger unit for upstairs).

The upstairs central ac unit will produce cold air for a little while and then pushes room temperature. When it is cold air, the attic unit and the outside fan & compressor run. When the fan & compressor stop, the room temperature begins.

For this particular upstairs HVAC, the outside fan motor, attic evaporator coil along with Freon, and wall thermostat have been replaced within the last couple months.

I have turned the system off to see if maybe there were frozen coils, but there were not any (or anywhere else). It seems like it will work for a little while and then the actual cooling stops. I have been told that the compressor is in good shape.

Any ideas as the repairman said the next thing to check is the furnace circuit board.

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