York Hvac Take Too Long To Remove Humidity

by Marshall P
(St. Catharines CANADA)

The cooling aspect is A+++; With a new Honeywell programmable thermostat the selected degree of cooling is exact.

However in the morning my hygrometer reads in the 60%RH range and it takes all day to get it down to a level of %RH acceptable. I calibrated the hygrometer three times and IT IS DEAD ON ACCURATE.

I do not think my dealer is an authorized dealer and I was never offered York's protection plan.

The dealer has also charged me for two service callS which I am not going to pay. One was for incompetent work in installing a discharge pump; the other was for Something created by York in construction....the unit is too noisy.

I am going to report both the dealer and York to the BBB and also Johnson Controls Inc. that is if there is anyone alive at Johnson. To sum up I should not have purchased a York nor choosen the dealer I did.

Democracy.....no a corporate capitalistic rip off!!!

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York is very bad buid up for snow protection
by: Cristian

well Monday have been storm snow in new york city and the unit stop working .. then when i open the panel inside of control module and transforms full of snow.

by: Marshall Pomroy

Some good advice:
I read the many comments and some horror stories on this site about Hvac and I am amazed at the lack of anyone not seeking assistance from the BBB. It worked for me.

I lodged two complaints against my dealer and against Johnson Controls Inc. who now own York. Both were of great assistance. The dealer who did not respond to two notices from the BBB is now on their web site with an F rating for three years. Serves him well! Johnson Controls responded by sending a technician to my home at no cost to me to check the York Hvac.

It was not what he wanted but after some adjustments he said it was perfect. And it now is. So the squeaky wheel does get the grease. It may not be so all of the time but often it is. I am quite satisfied with the outcome.

Nevertheless Central Air service has to be one of the biggest rip offs of this century when one is expected to pay a hefty service call fee even before any work is done.

That is just ridiculous. Imagine paying someone any amount of money before any work is done. ?Nuff said!

Latest action against York and Johnson Controls Inc.
by: Marshall P

To follow up my comment about the problem of the Central Air not reducing humidity properly I have filed a complaint with the BBB about the dealer who installed it last August 6th 2010.

I am refusing to pay the service charge with which he has levied against me ($90) I expect another to follow and I have advised him I am not going to pay it either.

I have located the BBB for Wisconsin as the location of Johnson Controls Inc. head office is in Milwaukee. I am filing a complaint regarding them as well. I did locate and received comment from a Canadian rep. of Johnson Controls but she was of little help.

She passed my problem to the technical department and their advice was as stupid and ludicrous as could be. They advised me to have someone come out and check the Central Air. Of course , not Johnson Inc.

Either my dealer who was not a York distributor which means I am being asked to fork over probably a few hundred dollars more for service calls etc. and this for a brand new Central Air purchased Aug. of 2010 and not yet one year since installation.

Some advice I must say. I replied to the Canadian rep. and suggested that auto companies give a better deal and warranty than Central Air manufacturers. I have an ex student who is a lawyer and I will discuss it with him.

In any event I am planning to fight this to the limit, whatever that may be. If I do not get satisfaction from the local dealer I may fight it myself in small claims court. I don't think they like exposure of that type.

Everything that has been suggested to me has been as insane as the commercials viewed on TV. I will follow up with the results of both complaints with the BBB. As a program on Frontline on PBS commented the Banks and Visa in America (and Canada) are nothing other than legalized loan sharks.

I apply that to most companies and corporations as well! Their aim is to maintain bottom line profit at any cost even the loss of customers and good will! I find unlike in other countries that most Canadians are wimps.

They crab and bellyache about things and write complaints on web sites but in many cases that is all they do. We should take to the streets the way they do in France and other countries. In lieu of that a class action suit might be a route to follow.

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