York "fresh vent" Recycling Fan Runs Continuously

by john
(roseville, ca)

February 18, 2011

York central ac unit is two years old, it was installed in a new construction home. Central ac unit and heat run just fine, but the recycle fan, which is supposed to only run 10 minutes every hour, is running continuously, even when central ac is in "off" mode. question,,,cause and usual repair fix, so i will understand what the tech says when they come out to fix.


Chester replies:

Generally a “Fresh Vent” (device that brings in outside air) will run at any time the heater or cooler is running. Yours may be on a timer, if this is true then the timer may have malfunctioned or the actual switch that cycles the fan may be at fault.

A Fresh Vent, in my opinion, should be consumer controlled to take advantage of free cooling in mild weather. It should be bringing in fresh air any time the unit is operating.

For those reading this and wonder what a Fresh Vent is I offer the following. It is a device that is available for your heating and air conditioning system that mixes fresh, filtered air into your home at a controlled rate.

The introduction of a controlled amount of fresh air creates a positive effect on indoor air quality. The Fresh Vent control may also help circulate air flow in each room to reduce temperature difference.

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