When Should You Replacing the Central Ac Unit ?

We have lived in our home now for seven years, and the central air conditioner unit has been working fine up until last summer when we have experiencing problems with the ac unit. We live in central Louisiana and right now our temps have been up to 100-105.

The central ac unit has been freezing up a lot this summer; we change the filter almost twice a week just to keep it from freezing. My husband has called tech out and said that it doesn't need anything.

Do you think that we might need to go ahead and buy new central air conditioner unit?
The central ac unit itself is about 10 years old , we live in a two story home with one unit , could that be the cause to it freezing up ? It stays very warm upstairs.

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by: Merlin

Thank you for sharing. This is something handy and informative. Never read something like that and I would appreciate if you shared more of this kind with us next time. wilson

freon problems
by: Anonymous

My central air conditioner is low on freon and the evaporator coil leaking freon. the unit is 5 years old.i've been told to replace the coil or replace the system. A Bryant unit. I see units 15 years old.

Have someone take a second look
by: Daniel

There are alot of things that can make your unit freeze up. The most common is low refrigerant charge. Replacing your filter is a good idea ever couple of months to maintain good air quality in your home.

Central Ac Freeze Up
by: Dadan

I?m not sure if 10 years is the central ac life span in Louisiana. The freezing up problem had only occurred this summer! I know it can be fixes. You just need to find the right technician.

No, two story home does not cause the central ac to freezing up. Here is link to why central ac freezing up. By the way, new central air conditioner does not mean it will not give you problem.

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