trouble with sear central air units


In May central ac unit would not cool, they came out paid $700 for fan for upstairs motor shot and a week later, the house hot again kept tripping the breaker had a Sears Tech here once a week 3 weeks straight who kept telling me it is hot out and needs to be on 75 no lower that there is nothing wrong with it.
2 days later quit again called asked for a supervisor to come out he came this was past wed needed new compressor installed new compressor worked great next day doesn't work again
Now it is Sunday (8/7/11) the compressor will come on then the fan outside quits called them about this since Thursday they can’t get here till Tuesday
had to spend $300 for a bedroom unit have been trapped in my bedroom for 4 days it only cools till 78 miserably but they can't come till Tuesday.

my advice do not buy from this company sears cannot fix anything

fyi also have had tun replaced in fron tloader washer from sears 2 times and the kenmore elite trio have them here about every six months to fix something on it
buyer beware

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