Tempstar Central Ac Not Cooling

by Horace S
(Lumberton, NC)

I have a Tempstar 3 ton Ac Gaspack unit. Ac unit will blow cold air but will not bring the temp down past 85 degrees during the day. The low side was reading 98 lbs. The expansion valve was replaced. No change.

Compressor was replaced, not change. Why am I having to overcharge the unit it get it to cool and them it won't bring down past 85 degrees during the day?

The central ac unit runs all day and finally reaches the inside temp to 76 during the night.

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Tepstar Central AC will not cool 1200 sq. ft. home NEW
by: Anonymous

We had a highly rated HVAC vendor install a Tempstar Cental AC unit in our rental home in the fall of 2014. We had it replaced at that time of year because we also had all the duct work replaced and a new heat system. I figure the system has been used approximately 11 months since installed.

So, on our bi-annual inspection this week we were told that our expansion valve on the AC unit was not functioning properly. The part which is approximately $50 is covered by the warranty but the labor to install it is not. The labor charge is $658.00.

Our tenant states the AC unit runs most of the time and has never cooled the house below 78 degrees.

I am very unhappy with Tempstar and the HVAC vendor who is 2nd Wind in Columbia SC who installed the unit.

a/c not cooling NEW
by: Anonymous

as I set it to cold, it gives me hot air, like I have set the knob to heater setting.

high suction
by: Anonymous

sounds like u may have return air drawing from attic or possibly outside.hot air passing indoor coil will raise suction pressure.check return make sure its drawing all air from inside your house.uninsulated ducts in uncondition areas like attics will also raise return air temps

my tempstar was doing the same last year
by: jammie

NOW doing again. The guy who put it in for me came out like 3 times says every thing is electrically fine .

I called him out again and told him (both of us breaking sweats inside my home ) I am not going to run this thing my light bill jumped 200 dollars the unit runs constant and it dont cool its only 6 years old kept it serviced and took great care of this thing something is wrong the thermostat rises It will not go down to the temp I set it on and the red light wont go out during the day but at night it does, its like the heater is running not the ac .

WHen I said that he said wait a min. lemme check this again. (500 dollars later ) He went to the pole with a meter thingy and said my heater and ac were both running at the same time.

then he took my return vent off and ut was full of water up to my floor and completely full in my vent tubing that goes to my house too . holy smokes.

so he replaced the switch that cost almost 200 dollars and charged me again I was furious cause they he and his wife were trying to convince me that is the way its supposed to run . bad taste.

SO here it is a year later and I am under my home dumping water again and this switch is bad again I presume . Its the switch that turns the ac on and the heat off or the heat on and the ac off.

mine was shorting out then went completely out the last time he (the company I bought mine from and the guy that came to service my unit ) checked it again.

have someone stand there while it cycles a whole turn or at least 10 min watching the meter thingy I will bet you have the same I did. being my unit is breaking again I believe there is a malfunction in this part . hope I help . now back to my water dumping ... Alabama

Superheat N Subcooling
by: Dadan

Here is an information may be of use to you.

Saturation temperature-liquid line temp = sub cooling temp

Suction line temp-evaporator temp = superheat

The superheat should be between 20 and 30 degrees, and the sub cooling 10 and 15, it should not be more than 15.

SUPERHEAT over 30 degrees tell there is too little refrigerant, and SUPER HEAT under 20 degree is tell it is too much liquid refrigerant. A SUB COOLING over 15 tell there is too much refrigerant in hvac unit.

OVERCHARGE unit is low superheat with high sub cooling and a UNDERCHARGE unit is high super heat with low subcooling. If you have high superheat and sub cooling, there is restriction in the ac unit.

Hope this help


P.S there is book by John Tomczk on refrigerant troubleshooting. It title: SYSTEM DIAGNOSTICS AND TROUBLESHOOTING PROCEDURES, it is 72 pages.

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