Strong Noxious Odor

by Kathy C
(Traverse City, MI)

A strong noxious odor slowly fills our walkout level room AFTER the central air conditioner is turned off. It is a new Carrier furnace and air conditioner, about 2 1/2 months old. It gets so bad that we cannot go in the room.

Our First Alert went off a couple of times. It is making us feel tired. We have had headaches and feel generally tired - bad taste in the mouth. When it is really bad my lungs feel pressure when I enter the room.

It takes almost two days to air the room out with doors and windows open and 2 ceiling fans running. The technician came out and thought it was our carpet.

We removed the carpet and still have the problem. The bad air seems to come from one supply vent in the room. Any ideas?


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Jan 20, 2016
by: Anonymous

I am having this same problem but all over the house when the heat cycle comes on. Awful Smell, really bad taste and almost makes my tongue and throat numb. Smell is very heavy and almost takes your breath away. WHAT CAN THIS BE?

Aug 03, 2010
Central Ac Smell
by: Dadan

Hey, Kathy

This smell only occurs in one specific room, right? If the central air conditioner causes the smell, you should have smelled it in every room.

What is in that smelling room? When you said the central ac unit is only 2 1/2 months old. Is the ductwork also 2 1/2 months old?

If the duct to that specific is old, is there a way for you to check for dead animal? And check if sewer line is near that supply duct?

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