Ruud Achiever 9 is 21-years old

by Joe
(Yorktown, VA)

The central ac unit I have is a 2 1/2 ton Achiever 9 unit, built and installed in 1990. I bought the ac unit with the house in 1998. It has been working pretty good for a 21-year old central heating and conditioning unit. I've had to have serviced each year and it needs about 1 to 2 pounds of R-22 added.

I guess a small leak in a weld or something at the evaporator core. Last year it did burn the wires at the compressor because the run capacitor was going bad. Items replaced and runs fine since then. I will replace the whole unit, one of these days, I'm just waiting for a fatal failure.

I'll replace with a SEER 13 2 1/2 ton unit. Everyone has good and bad things to say about all the brands, but the biggest factor "I think" is finding a great installer.



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Ruud Not Working
by: Anonymous

It was running all the time so we installed a new thermostat and it blew a breaker and wouldn't come on. So we put the old thermostat back on and it still won't come on.

Ruud achiever 10 high efficiency heat pump
Model # upka-030jas
Mfd 09/93
Serial # 4919 m3593 0689 outdoor use
Volts 208/230 phase1. Hertz 60
Compressor rla 14 7/14 7. L r a 82
Outdoor fan motor. Fla 9
Hp 1/6
Min supply circuit ampacity. 20/20 amp
Max fuse. 30/30 amp
Min fuse 25/25 amp
Design press high. 300 psig
Design press low. 150 psig
Outdoor unit factory charge. 77 oz

Good Service
by: Joe

I had to retire my achiever 12 4 ton unit. the compressor has died. 18 years old with service in central Florida.

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