Very good make; but RUUD might have ruined it. So much bad information;not even enough for an urban legend.

People: RAKA 048JAZ IS NOT "370 VOLTS," NOR "600 VOLTS!. tHEY ARE 220/230 1 Phase usually -can go 3Ph. They were made from 2001?; and most sold between 2003 and 2006.

Big Changes
R-22 was turn-of-the-21stcentury "Ozone friendly" coolant cf. Freon, but at the end of the decade ONLY a more "Ozone friendly" "401" is allowed.

Also: DOE required A/C's of minimum SEER of 13 to be allowed, and phasing in up to 16, later

But Rheem's web sites only seem to go back to post-2005 stuff; so no manuals, .pdf downloads, etc. [I wanted to get how much power a 4-5 ton unit uses like 2006 is 10-17kw; NOT its minimum "amperacity of 32A."]

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I need to know how to repair my drain pain . NEW
by: Linda bennison

the machine is very old like 15 years or so .but the drain pain is rusted out .it works great for so fare .it was put in house in1985

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by: Anonymous

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Great for a while
by: Byron

I have a Rheem rppc-048JAZ, and when it was first installed, I was in love with it. I have chinchilla, which cannot stand the heat, and this system would pump out cold, cold air fast.

it was awesome. I have never had to get it serviced, I've honestly thought little about it since the unit was new.

I have heard from others that many Rheem units will shut off, and that you need to find and press the high pressure reset button. My model, however has no such button, and when it stopped working, and I opened up the outside unit to take a peek, I was informed by the flashing LEDs that it was in "High pressure lockout" mode.

all the information that I gather on how to fix this issue says to press the reset button, but mine doesn't have one. now I'm hosed.

Until this happened, though, I literally could not have been happier with the unit, unless it spat out gold nuggets or similar...

Outside Blower not moving
by: Ca

Central ac unit is four months old installed. Outside blower doesn't move. Refridg. lines are not cold. Inside (Garage) unit not functioning. Two units for the house.

Older unit works but only after service a month ago. Am I being suckered by repair company or are these central air units unreliable. I think the former.

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