Rheem Prestige High Efficiency Air Conditioner and Air Handler

by Lloyd
(Port Richey FL.)

I purchased a new Rheem Prestige High Efficiency Air Conditioner and Air Handler two years ago. It is quiet and efficient but not without problems.
After installation by a reputable dealer it suddenly stopped working.

Called installer and according to them there was too much Freon (diagnostics.)After dispelling an amount, central air conditioner ran very well.
Second service call involved a leak in the condenser in the attic and replaced condensor unit under warranty.

Found leak in main air conditioner also.
Short time later it failed to cool again. Service found leak again in main unit and had to replace the valve that controls the heat or air function. This was also done under warranty.

This is not a good record for a two year old complete unit (Air Conditioner & Air Handler).
We are in Florida and in the summer (This is when it has failed) it is just awful to be without air. Might consider another brand next time.

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by: Anonymous

its all about proper installation fundamentals,done by certified,well trained, experienced technicians IN THE AIR CONDITIONING BUSINESS ONLY that are supported by a established company which shows each customer that they care and will be there for them in the long run.

Its not just about central ac brand because they all have standards to follow to produce machines that comply and operate as per federal laws.

Its about the company you choose to have in your home installing a complex system that will effect comfort,safety,energy usage,reliability for years ahead.

Also remember the ac unit machine is only half of the system, duct work is a entire system itself if its not right than the high priced HIGH EFFICIENCY units will not do the capabilities claimed therefore you really don't have that high of efficiency but are paying for it.A GOOD COMPANY FROM THE GET GO NO MATTER WHAT BRAND IS BEING USED IS FIRST AND FOREMOST.

Central ac unit is not cheap,and a good company is almost always more expensive because it cost money to do it right,to stand behind their work give good customer service, train techs and the list goes on

Help Needed in S. Florida!
by: Anonymous

My brother, who lives near Ft. Lauderdale, FL purchased a high efficiency heatpump/air-
conditioner in 2009 or 2010 made by Rheem.

It was supposedly new and top-of-the line, and quite expensive. It was installed by an electric company with a seemingly good reputation in south FL. My brother is wheel-chair bound and has a 24/7 caregiver. He spends at least 20 hours a day in the home.

The company has been to the house numerous times, esp in the last year, because the unit has stopped working repeatedly. The fluid keeps leaking out of the copper tubing in the outdoor unit.

They tried to blame it on the lawn caretaker/said that he was spewing pebbles into the unit, causing cracks in the copper tubing!!
Finally in Jan. Rheem admitted that owners of other units of this type are experiencing the same problem, and it seems to be because of overheating of the unit, which causes the tubes to split.

In Jan. the repairman came and worked on the unit for over an hour one day while I (his sister)was visiting; when he replaced the fluid it began to leak out immediately!

Meanwhile my brother and his caregiver have been mostly without an A/C--in southern FL! And after spending, I believe, $10,000 for the unit and installation.

The company has not charged for any of the visits, but also has not offered an acceptable solution, while everyone who comes to the home swelters in the heat! We need to know what Rheem is planning to do with this problem! In the meantime, a short-term solution needs to be found to keep the house cool.

I feel all of this is unconscionable, and that Rheem needs to replace this equipment at once. The company has begun to be difficult to talk with, and reluctant to continue coming to the house, because it costs them money each time.

I don't blame them for this, but why hasn't Rheem backed up its merchandise? This problem has been ongoing for many months, or maybe over a year. Living in Baltimore, I do not have all the details of this problem.

The writer above talked about contacting Clark Howard. I know he is on HLN each weekend at noon. How can we contact him. I know that the writer above and my brother are not the only ones with this problem.

by: Rheem 13 Seer Heatpump

Rheem installed 6/9/08 repaired twice in less than 3 yrs....first repair 2/11/10 second repair today (expansion valve) yeah quality unit.

I will NEVER buy another Rheem! Kay Heating air conditioner of Greensboro NC installed the unit. I called on Tuesday set appointment for Wednesday at 2 arrived at 3:30, then left and would return Thursday at 9:30 put came at 6pm returned Friday a 4pm finally working.

I give Kay heating and air a 10 for best CUSTOMER NO SERVICE OF THE YEAR! Now I'm going to call Clark Howard

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