Rheem central air conditioner in the Cape

by Dave
(Cape Coral Florida)

We purchased a 1 year old 4 Br pool home in 2004, and although we loved the home, the one thing we didn't pay much attention to before we bought was the central AC units. Our home is nearly 1900 sq feet, and the 2.5 ton Tempstar air conditioners the builder had installed did little adequately to cool a home this size during the hot, humid south Florida summer.

The central ac unit would run continuously without ever cycling off whenever the outdoor temps reached 84, and would not cool the home below 77-78 degrees. On really hot days the temp would even get up to 80 or so in the house, despite the fact that the AC compressor was running the entire time. We had the unit checked by 3 different HVAC contractors and they all reported the same thing, the ac units was working perfectly fine, but it was just too small for the size of our home.

The result was ridiculously high energy bills, and a less than comfortable home. For years we simply used fans in the windows, and only used the central ac on really miserable days to avoid a huge monthly electric bill. Last year finally we found a local Rheem dealer with fantastic prices, and had them size and install a new system for our home.

We ended up with a Rheem 15.5 SEER 3.5 ton AC, and a little revamping of our ductwork at a very reasonable cost. We have been enjoying this unit for about a year now. It effortlessly keeps our home comfortable no matter what temp we set the thermostat to, and has proven to be very energy efficient.

It is also surprisingly quiet. Although physically more than twice the size of our old unit,(which sounded like a lawn mower was running right outside the window) if you're more than 20 feet away from the outdoor condenser, you actually have to stop and listen to hear it running. This has been a wonderful purchase for us.

The equipment and installation has met or exceeded all our expectations, and the contractors were helpful and knowledgeable. No more sweating in the heat instead of running the AC just so we wouldn't have to dump an entire paycheck into the electric bill.

We're cool and comfortable and our electric bills are very budget friendly. I would recommend Rheem central air conditioners to anyone who wants great performance out of their air conditioner units without a price that will break the bank.


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Rheem 400 series thermostat
by: Anonymous

This thermostat is awful. It is not intuitive, therefore it is very difficult to use. Worse yet, Rheem provides absolutely NO support on its website on how to use the thermostat.

Overall, I advise everyone not to buy a Rheem 400 or 300 (similar display) series thermostat. Save yourself time and headaches, buy something else, please!

by: Rheem Hvac Work Fantastic

I ordered my own system and had it professionally installed. It has been great, the only problem after one year was the expansion valve got a leak, because the installer forgot to remove a plastic tie holding the coiled expansion valve line and it rubbed together until a small hole allowed it to leak.

The system is very quiet and works so much better than the previous system (same size) and the variable speed blower really works well.

Brian S
by: Great Rheem Central Ac Unit

We have contractor installed the Rheem furnace and central ac 2 years ago. It was very good central air conditioner system, quiet and most important things is saving money on the rebate and gas.

So far, we don't have any complain.

Rheem Central Ac - Excellent
by: John

We have a Rheem central ac unit that came with the house. The only repair needed to the AC unit was to have freon added this year.

The central air conditioner unit is seventeen years old and we feel it has given excellent service. We live in Tucson so you know we use it most of the year. John

Thanks for Rheem reviews
by: Shawn - Webmaster

Hey, Dave

Thanks for the Rheem reviews; I know other homeowners will appreciate this. Especially for homeowners, who live in Cape Coral Florida resident.

~ Shawn

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