Reasonable Air Conditioner Prices in North Carolina

by Dadan

For Homeowner in North Carolina

Here is a repair cost for central air conditioner unit and Heat Pump in NC. This is not an exact cost; it is estimation around the NC state. How accuracy is this price information - only homeowners in North Carolina know.

Estimation the part cost for Central Air Conditioner, Heat Pump, and Heating
Price of central ac unit and heat pump part will depend on branch, seer, ton

Central Ac Part
Cost Per Part
Air Conditioner Condenser Unit Cost
Price of condenser unit depend on branch,seer, ton…
Dry R-22 condenser unit (without Freon)
$1000 to $2000
R-410a condenser unit
$1000 to $3500
Condenser motor$80 to $450
Condenser fan$100 to $250
Compressor $400 to $900
Small outdoor Electrical Parts Cost$25 to $200
HVACs circuit board cost$100 to $500
Heat pump reverse valve$100 to $300
Refrigerant Cost(price depend on pound..25,30,50 lb)
R-22 Freon$100 to $400
R-410A Refrigerant$150 to $350
Air Handler Unit Parts
Evaporator coil$200 to $580
Expansion Device$50 to $180
Blower motor cost$80 to $300
Blower motor house$150 to $350
Small Indoor Electrical Parts Cost$12 to $100
Copper Tube (depend on size and length)$12 to $200
Heat Exchanger$300 and up
Gas Regulator$100 to $200
Manifold$150 and up
induced draft motor $100 to $380

Diagnostic cost or (trip to your house cost)

($50 to $80 fix or per hrs rate) This is for business hours. After business hours, it will be in the $90.

Repair Central Ac Unit and Heat Pump Cost

Cost for condenser unit and it parts:

Replacing Condenser Unit Cost

As of 2010, HVACs manufactory could no longer produce R22 units as a whole; however, it breaks no regulation to produce as a part. The HVACs manufactory could produce R22 condenser unit and ship it without refrigerant! It is known as “dry condenser unit.” It will cost $1,300 to $2,500 to replace condenser unit.

To replace a condenser unit with R-410a, it will be expensive. I’m not sure how much more, if you have a R-410a condenser that had been replace in North Carolina tell us.

Condenser motor cost with and without fan

The motor cost without the fan (blade) $200 to $400. If it is with the motor fan, it be around $ 300 to $500.

Other small electrical parts (relay, capacitor, transformer, wire…)

To replace small electrical cost in $100 to $300.

HVACs circuit board cost

The actual cost can range in $80 to $200 (it depend on brand and unit types). To replace it will cost in from $200 to $300 more or less.

Heat pump reverse valve

Fee homeowner will being pay for are: Trip fee, reverse valve fee+ labor fee. Replace Heat Pump reverse valve range in $200 to $500.

Adding refrigerant cost (R-22 and R-410a Cost)

The cost of Freon is per pounds. Per pound of R-22 Freon could be $50 to $80. Since R-22 Freon is be phase out, it will expensive.

R-410a Freon will cost per pound $70 to 90.

Fixing refrigerant leak cost

To find where the refrigerant leak could two day or less, it depend on the types of leak detector Tech uses and to fixing refrigerant leak take 1 to 3 hrs (vary) of work. It will be in range of $200 to $500 (including Freon fee and labor).

Indoor Central Ac Part Cost

Replace air conditioner filter cost

I realize this is silly. There are people, who do not know anything about their central air conditioner unit. The trip fee and filter fee range in $90 to $110 more or less

Replace evaporator coil cost

The indoor coil cost will include Freon, labor, and new evaporator coil. The price can range in $1500 and $2400

Replacing expansion device cost

The actual expansion device cost range in $60 to $200. The price to replace expansion device will include filter drier fee, trip fee, labor fee … This price can range in $900 to $1500.

Indoor motor with and without the motor house (frame)

The actual motor can range in $80 to $400, it depend on the motor brand. To replace just the motor can range in $200 to $500, if it is replace with the motor house, it will be expensive.

Small indoor l electrical parts (wire, capacitor, transformer…)

To replace small electrical cost in $100 to $300.

This is just estimation base on specific price number and calls.

If you live in NC and had replaced any part of the central air conditioner unit, please share it with other homeowner in NC. By click the link below and tell us what town you’re in.

With respect to the HVACs service company in North Carolina, please DO NOT list their company name.

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7,000 in nc
by: Anonymous

what size house and is it a heat pump or a split system or a package i might depending on the factor can beat that price

Our central air conditioner cost $7,000 in NC
by: Kevin

My neighbor replaces his 15 years central air conditioner units. He said compressor fails before winter. They were luck it didn't die on summer.

The contractor replaces their outdoor units and the indoor units for $7,600. I don't know if this is good deal. This is just the central ac units.

This is from single estimation! My neighbor didn't bother shopping for contractor, so they decide to go with first estimation.

My house were about the same years as their. Our air conditioning units had been acting crazy last summer. I don't want it break down this coming summer.

We were getting estimation from Sear for $6,980 and local contractor for $7,000.

This is just to replace central air conditioner units not the duct works. I think this is good deal, since our neighbor paid $7,600.

How much does someone paid a contractor to replace indoor and outdoor unit in NC area?

Very Reasonable Hvac Cost
by: Jim

I have a 2 story house. 1 unit for each floor. Replaced both 8 seer units (can`t remember the brand) with two Trane XL15i 2 ton units.

Units were relocated from the back of the house to the side. Some new duct work as needed but not all. Paid $9200.00 for both, not each including installation.

I also got a bonus because when the heating and air conditioner company ordered the units, they did not have the standard unit for under the house. They sent an air purifying unit at no extra charge. Also was installed at no extra charge.

My heating and air conditioner may have been trying to make me feel good, but he said if I would have ordered an air purifying unit it would have cost another $1200.00. After the new units were installed my electric bill went from $175.00 month to $92.00 month. Checked several companies for price.

Company 1 - 12000.00 without relocating units
Company 2 - 14000.00 without relocating units
Company 3 - 9200.00 with relocating the units

Highly recommend thoroughly shopping around before hiring anybody to replace your units.

Replace Capacitor in Jamestown High point
by: Anonymous

We had a technician replace our outdoor unit capacitor for 110 dollar with the service fee.

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