Read This Before You Write a Central Ac Report!

by Gregory S
(Summerville, South Carolina)

To the Consumers:

It is really funny to read the great reports to the bad reports on Heil equipment. One thing that every bad or good report is missing is who really is at fault and who deserves the credit.

With the manufacturing not just Heil but all brands of equipment something the consumer does not know is the government stepped in 2010 and said enough is enough all manufacturers now have to show, prove and manufacture higher more efficient hvac units.

It is the whole going green everyone is doing it and it is now mandatory. The 13 SEER hvac units are really the 14 SEER and the 14 SEER are now the 15 SEER. Since this has occurred several of these brands have merged with their parts like Carrier, Payne, Bryant, Heil and ICP Indoor Comfort Products.

American Standard with Trane, York with Coleman and so on and so on, they all use the same parts manufacturers. The same contactors, the same Copland compressors, relay and motors the same distribution centers for the copper to the aluminum coils. These suppliers are globe wide.

I can show you the same parts used in a Bryant hvac system that is also used in a Heil etc. Do not be fooled by the true salesman. He might have signed a contract with that brand to be strictly a dealer and will at all cost to sell you on just that hvac brand.

The question as a customer is to ask; who is telling you the truth? What Brand is better than the next? In almost every case when properly reviewed 85% of the issues or failure to a product or specific brand is not the equipment’s fault but if traced back correctly you will find it was done by who installed the equipment, the labor or tech or that company or contractor?
Were they licensed? How did they handle themselves? Were they professional? Did they cut corners to save a buck? Did they install it properly? Always look for their reviews.

The main cause of inside coils or outside condenser fan motors or compressors failures is ductwork. The biggest thing to know is it is called “AIR “Conditioning.

Without correct design of the returns and supply’s for that hvac system the parts are sure to fail. Without proper AIR FLOW from day one nothing else will be truly correct in the overall functions or operations of that system. It may take several years for it to show or it will show right away in which an HVAC contractor can always blame it on the equipment without you knowing their mistake.

Remember this is key, without the proper install of that equipment and air duct design the compressor, motors and smaller parts will over work, over amp and fail. Without proper air flow across the evaporator they will get to cold and tend to sweat and cause rusting and eventually start to cause refrigerant leaks.

So the question would be was the ductwork to that equipment adequate from day one? Was the hvac unit properly sized for the home? Was it too small or too big? Was it a mismatch (NOTE) a 2 ton to a 2 ton does not make it a match. The hvac equipment must have proper coil sizing and the correct metering device in one part to match and be installed.

Always remember to look beyond what might be told to you as a truth and look at who’s to gain or who’s to lose. (Law 5)So much depends on reputation; guard it with your life, without it you are nothing. With the new government standards being strictly enforced and quality control now mandatory.

The only remaining 15% of failure is in shipping which again would lean more to FEDEX, UPS or the shipping companies where equipment could have been mishandle, dropped , crushed or damaged. So before you question or report and issues look deeper and you may find out something you did not want to know or believe to ever be the truth.

Greg Sowder CEO, Air Concept Solutions, llc.

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Good interesting report NEW
by: william

Interesting report yes its truth before writing should make sure the facts and issues are checked observation is very nice. Thanks for sharing

Good Post NEW
by: ShirleyFWilliams

Your post gives valuable information. As you told it is right that we must check deeply for the problems before reporting the failures of the conditioner. Thank You for the post.

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by: Kip J Mejia

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inattentive NEW

I was not attentive enough sometime ago while buying the conditioner and did not demand the licensed product. As a result, its pieces soon went wrong in some time and I remained near the broken product.

Good post NEW
by: Jerrold Legros

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After publishing I will link for you as an author! Thanks!

Excellent Article NEW
by: Cynthia

I read the entire article. It's detailed, and right on the money. The information in the last couple of paragraphs never crossed my mind. This is so true, about improper shipping handling techniques, causing damaged, crushed, broken products. The improper installation and connecting
of wires, coils, ductwork to and from equipments.
Excuse, the way I'm wording this. I have ADD. The way I'm wording this, is the way; I'm understanding your information been printed in this informative article. Thank you for allowing me to learn from a pro.
It's the manufacturer fault. <--This is how I was thinking for long time. Now, my view is completely
the opposite, thanks to you.

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