PURON AC - Heat Pump 18.2 SEER Multiple Breakdowns NEW

by Clague
(Sanford, NC)

6 Months after install, first use of AC, compressor needed replacement. Took repeated trips and almost a month before unit was up and running.

April 2011, HVAC unit now at the start of the second cooling season it is again not working. It has a 10 year warranty that covers only parts. They expect me to purchase a service contract @ $200 per year to cover labor.

AC/Heat Pump Model number 25HNA9 Serial 3809ennnnn I will not give whole serial as that would ID me to Carrier.

Fan coil, blower and thermostat replaced as part of package totaling $12,933.

I bought top of the line Carrier and at this point would never do it again. Service will be out tomorrow.

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I bought it 5 months ago and it's ok. I like it very much. Hope everything will be all right with it. I read your comments and I'm afraid now..

To be continued...Carrier Heat pump breakdown
by: Clague

Got a call from Sears Home service tech earlier in the week. Install of new compressor scheduled for Monday April 25.

Two days later the service tech says the compressor part came in by air freight. When he opened the box he found it had been shipped without plugs in place and oil had leaked out, this meant the part was contaminated and they would need to re-ship. He doubted it would arrive in time and tentatively re-scheduled install for Tuesday.

At least it has been cool, tomorrow (Saturday) is supposed to be 88. High today was 64. Sundays forecast is 89. I had hoped to keep my windows closed on my home this year...end of March through beginning of May there is lots of pine pollen dusting everything up in the sandhills of NC.

My unit has a FE4A Communicating Fan Coil for Puron Refrigerant. On page 14 of a highly technical Installation Guide is Care and Maintenance instructions. The only required maintenance that may be performed by the consumer is filter maintenance. Periodic maintenance is essential according to the install guide. This periodic maintenance should be performed before the cooling season and before the heating season. So, twice per year service needs to be performed. The flyer in the paper last Sunday offered this service for $89.95+tax. Say I use my AC about 4 months per year, heat about 4 months per year. The quoted "Maintenance Contract" was $200 per year. Any advantage of energy efficiency is negated by high maintenance costs.

Breakdown update #2
by: Clague

Sears Home Services (SHS)calls and leaves message that they will be out on 4/18/2011 from 8am-noon to repair AC. They called me and set the schedule.

On 4/18/2011 nobody shows. So I call SHS. They ask me if I got the part. Huh? Total run around. Told there is a message in file- waiting for part. Was told by service that they had the compressor but needed a muffler.

SHS has a ad in paper Cooling and Heating Systems - Sales and Service - 1-877-495-1080.


+See www.searshomeservices.com/shs/info/satisfaction-guarantee

Check it out...mumbo jumbo...guaranteed if you are not satisfied it is NOT their fault.

Here is a sample...
Sears' Limited Warranty on Installation┬▒

(had to remove to reduce comment to 3000 max)

Dissatisfied I then called Carrier, Consumer Relations 1-800-227-7437. Warranty states FOR WARRANTY SERVICE OR REPAIR Contact the installer or a Carrier dealer...well I have so far, Sears Home Improvement sold the unit, the installer was contracted by them. Also says find a Carrier dealer online at www.carrier.com tried there and that did not help. Also says for help contact Carrier,consumer relations.

The first peron I spoke with was effective and moved me up to senior level...I told them I did not want to deal with Sears but the nearest other dealer was 50 miles from my zip.

My zip spans 30 miles, so something 50 miles from my zip can be almost 100 miles away or more so Sears pretty much is my only choice. The Carrier senior rep says they will contact Sears to get things straightened out.

As I type this I have recieved two calls from Sears first is a live person saying that I will hear from a tech as soon as parts are in. Next was an automated call telling me to re-schedule service at 1-800... uh, well can't ask the auto voice anything, so confused I am.

Carrier seems to have got things back on track. I am still faced with costs for labor on a unit that is only a year and a half old, and this will be the second compressor replacement. Don't know what it is going to cost. Any amount is too much when you consider I paid $13,000 for it.

Update on breakdown
by: Clague

Service arrived to diagnose problem.

Compressor blown. Since it is 2nd blown compressor was told there may be issues with ducts...bla bla bull sht...as if to say it is something other than the products fault, that my ducts are blowing compressors by causing them to overheat. If they sold me a replacement system that will not function as a replacement because of inadequate duct flow they are liable to correct it at their cost or they can remove the system and refund my money.

Message now appears on thermostat "System malfuction call technician" and www.carrier.com

SEARS service tech says they will be back out in 5 days to replace blown compressor and muffler.


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