Problem With Sears and their Air Conditioners

by Rick H
(Katy, TX, USA)

I purchased a central air unit from Sears approximately five years ago. I had the unit serviced recently and the Sears representative advised that the fan motor bearings were worn out and the motor needed to be replaced. The service representative wanted $480.00 for the replacement and $89.00 for the yearly service check-up. I declined the quote from the Sears representative.

My wife went to an aftermarket distribution center in an attempt to locate a replacement fan motor. After purchasing the motor and bringing the unit home, I immediately noticed that the "Granger" replacement motor was too large and the shaft too long for the Sears unit. The Granger replacement motor did not have the wiring coupler matching the Sears unit and would therefore require I cut and splice the way!

Prior to my wife returning the new motor to Granger, I removed the Sears took approximately 15 minutes to disassemble the housing and remove the OEM motor. My wife took the Sears motor and the new Granger motor back to Granger at which time she was advised that Sears has evidently begun to use specialized motors that require said motor be purchased from Sears ONLY.

My wife called Sears to locate a replacement motor and was advised by the Sears representative in Katy Texas to "forget Sears!" The representative told my wife that since Sears had been bought-out by another company, Sears was no longer Sears as we know it...the representative advised that the Sears replacement motor was overpriced and installation charges would be inflated if performed by a Sears repairman. Remember...the Sears price for replacement was $ took me approximately 20 minutes to remove and reinstall the old motor!

Why reinstall the old motor? Well, Sears advised that the fan motor was not in stock and would have to be ordered...5-7 days to receive the new motor...I considered this absolutely absurd seeing that I live in southeast Texas, currently in a drought status, 100 degree temperatures...and no air conditioner parts in stock???? DON'T BUY FROM SEARS...GO WITH A TIME TESTED TRANE OR SIMILAR QUALITY UNIT!!!

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Apr 16, 2012
We hate Sears too
by: Anonymous

We have had our Carrier for 2 yrs now only because they have failed to fix it since the beginning when it started leaking. Then the thermostat went out and they had to replace it.

We were told by the Tech that he was putting in that he was replacing the heat pump otherwise Sears would not cover the replacement cost of the thermostat even though we paid almost $2,000 for a 5 yr warranty.

We were lied to by the salesmen about what we were getting in the first place. It's taken almost an act of God to finally get someone out here today to look at it and it's had water sitting underneath it ruining our drywall and wood and floor for 2 weeks.

We are so beyond livid that we are at the point of getting ready to sue Sears. We will NEVER buy anything at all from Sears. Not even a piece of clothing or tool. NOTHING! Their system for service is ridiculous.

In the course of getting the run around, we've been sent to the HVAC department, the Quality Assurance Dept, the Customer Solutions dept, the district manager stopped returning our calls.

My husband finally found a guy in the project consultant mgm. dept who was willing to listen. We will see if they fix it today. It is now almost 3 pm and someone is finally coming out.

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