New Goodmen 2 Tons Central Air Conditioner Unit

by J Montz
(covington louisiana)

New Goodman 2 ton central ac unit was installed 11 months ago. For the last 6 weeks the water is coming from under ac unit inside attic and 2 different companies cannot find out what the problem is.

There is no blockage in drain pipes the water is coming off the coils and dripping out the bathroom vent. Which is the shortest vent line from the inside unit.

The coil has been replace and still no change. The water is sitting in pan dripping from under the whole length of unit to bathroom vent.

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Water Leaks, Goodman 2 Tons
by: Jay with Integrity Air of Tampa

When there is a water leak after the drain pipe is cleared, The most likely causes are a missing trap or a double trap. Air handlers that draw air are unlike furnaces that push air due to the air pressure that the cooling coil and drain pipe are subjected to.

An air handler with no trap will suck air in through the drain pipe making waves in a horizontal section of pipe keeping water from flowing down a slightly sloped pipe.

An air handler with 2 traps ,possibly one from a sagging pipe,(possibly even hidden in a wall or buried in attic insulation)can be overcome by installing a trap right by the air handler, vented with a tee and riser after the trap.

Other causes can be slight oil film from mfg. on the coil that shed water with droplets missing the drain pan blown by air. Can be found with a plexiglass cover where the front panel of the unit is. Goodman makes a kit to insulate the primary horizontal pan in case the back of it sweats.

When I connect ducts I build a slight offset at the connection to the air handler to keep an overflow from entering the duct. Any wet duct insulation should be replaced

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