New Central Ac Worked Great At First

by Linda

My new 2 ton central air conditioner (1500 Sf foot house) worked extremely well through May and June. A few days ago, I noticed it was warm in house and ac never seemed to shut down.

House has been 81 degrees with air running constantly. Previously I would set it to 72 and it would quickly bring the house temp to that temperature.

Just wondering what could have gone wrong with a brand new unit that was working so well and now can't bring house temp to anything under 81 degrees.

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by: Anonymous

2tons for a 1500sq is extremely undersized, residental should be about 450 sq per ton. you should have atleast a 3.5 ton system

by: Linda Too!


If this was recently installed, why on earth haven't you called your ac contractor to get a tech out there? You have paid good money and that's what they are there for.

There are many reasons why your unit is not heating properly,,, such as a blockage in your drainage line, a freon leak, an unlevel air-handler (which happens after settling).....but you need to call them right away before any more damage is done!!!

Then, purchase one of their maintenance plans to get the most for your dollar....usually includes two visits per year for maint. check-ups, unlimited service calls, reduced parts and labor, etc. Recommended after 1st year of installation.... and keep your ducts clean

Maybe Central Air Conditioner Is Too Small
by: Shawn

Hey, Linda

Had the contractor done load calculation? It seems like the 2 tons for 1500 Sq feet is too small. 2 ton is good if your house had energy upgrades or fairly new.

I would go for 2.5 ton. I'm not sure though; I could be wrong. 2 ton is probably the calculation the contractor came up with.



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