Lennox Central Air Conditioner Last 9 Years

by Hedda
(Woodbury, new york)

The Lennox AC was installed about 9 years ago.

It was installed as a central ac unit for a 2 story co-op apartment dwelling. There are about 100 co-op apartments in the development which was built for senior occupancy.

The compressor for my outside central air conditioner has died. To make matters worse, it is hard to find a replacement since that unit works with freon which has now been replaced with something new.

My question and dissatisfaction is: Nine (9) years is a very short life for a compressor isn't it? I've lived in other houses and heard from friends that they've had central ac's that lasted for 15-20 years without having to replace the compressor.

I am a senior citizen on a fixed income and now have either a $2,500 bill for a new unit or a $1,300 bill for a replacement compressor, if indeed, they can get one.



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Good NEW
by: Jimmi

Don't worry Hedda. My advice, the Lennox XC21 Air Conditioner is the most quiet and efficient central air.
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home ac unit NEW
by: Anonymous

just getting a used central air conditioner it is a leenox where on the data plate is the manifac.date i see a date of 1987 but does not say if it is manifac, date

Answer to 9 yr compressor
by: Anonymous

Copeland compressor co says mean average life span of compressors are 13 1/2 yrs. 9 is not long but it is not unusual either. Quite often there is a reason other than compressor problems that cause compressors to fail .

I see that a LOT of times. Too much freon is added, capacitor fails, contactor is intermittant, etc. Condensor fan motor fails causing extremely hi head pressure. Condensor coil is dirty causing hi head pressure.

so you can see , there are various reasons for compressor failure. Low charge can cause it as well if there is a freon leak. Get a very qualified person to tell you if there is another possible reason or your second compressor could experience the same fate.

Contractor educated and in Ca .

Air Compressor Fail
by: Dadan

Hey, Hedda

Yeah, 9 years is short life span for a compressor. I doubt it the Lennox manufactures fault. Sometime the compressor fails due to lack of maintenance or previous technician didn?t fully exam the system.

Had anyone add refrigerant or worked on your central air conditioner unit within few years?




Check with Lennox if your compressor still on warraty.

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