Janitrol Central Ac

by HM
(Ohio, Vandalia)

Janitrol Central Ac

Janitrol Central Ac

Model # Ce25-1eb

Serial # 930b029111

My Janitrol central air conditioner unit came with the house. I move in into this house in 2000 and I turn the air conditioner every summer without major problem; it still running fine for the last ten years.

The only problem I had with Janitrol air conditioner was the contactor (not sure) and a burning wire. It didn’t cost much to fix it.

I had a regular maintenance on my Janitrol Ac (ex. filter changing) and I even pay pro to perform seasonal maintenance. I’m hopping it will run another ten years. The serial and the model number could be wrong. I couldn’t see it wills.

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Aug 10, 2020
Janitrol Central Ac NEW
by: Henry C

I moved into my new home in 1991. The Janitrol Central Ac unit came with the home and has not missed a beat. I am in California and WE run air 6 to 8 months of the year. Only problem, this year stores no longer carry the unique "cut to fit filter". WHERE CAN I GET THE FILTER? GREAT UNIT.

Jul 27, 2019
Magnetic relay = contactor NEW
by: Anonymous

I think when you say "magnetic relay," you're talking about the contactor.

It's a remotely controlled circuit breaker, basically, that turns the compressor and other components on and off based on a 24VAC signal.

You have to be sure if you're replacing a contactor that the voltage and amperage match the old one. Eventually something goes bad in them and they must be replaced - very common problem.

But - it's pertinent to ask - WHY? - did the contactor fail? In an over amperage situation, for example, was the surge in amperage due to another failing component?

Or did dirt impede air flow and cause components to draw more current?

All important questions. Don't just replace the contactor.

Jun 01, 2015
How old is this ?? NEW
by: Anon-CHICAGO

How old is this unit ? by the numbers i would guess MFG date some time in 93?? I have the exact same unit and as of today 6/1/2015 its still running, well needs a blower motor today but keeps my house cool (70-72)when its a 100 and sunny outside. I know my unit was in my house in 88 when i moved in. I also get it serviced every 3 years or so. I have NO numbers on mine so i was clueless looking for a motor, its B13400-251 for the record. The magnetic relay is something like i never seen and cant find on the internet either, i know that's an aftermarket industrial model of some sort. A building engineer told me that much.

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