It Does Not Have To Cost That Much

by sickhead
(Atlanta, Ga, USA)

$1640.00 to install less than a week. May 2011

1. do your research

2. find system online, even with shipping you will pay half of what a 'contract' or company will charge. (you have eliminated the second, third and possibility forth mark up).

3. Be your own contractor (the contractor most like will do nothing but manage the project, possibly off site too).

If the contract has to hire two or three more licensed techs, you can eliminated the contract (another middle man) and use the information from step one to insure the necessary steps are followed.

4. Hire two or three licensed HVAC techs (must provide state licence #). Some may have the nerve to attach a $200 to $300 per hour price ignore those.

The contractor about would probably pay them 10-20 cents on the dollar for the efforts.

5. Have system checked to verify it is up to code.

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by: Harrison

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Maintenance costs... NEW
by: ShooterBobSc

A local dealer, Brothers from Ft. Mill, SC, offered a $90 check and tune with up to 1 lb. of freon included in the price. The tech came out, hooked up, says, "yeah it needs freon, but it will blow the compressor because the coils are dirty." What a load of BS! I paid the guy but when they called to see about my satisfaction, I told the young lady I was very unhappy and before I could say the next sentence, SHE HUNG UP!! I will NEVER do business with them. Instead, the next Saturday, I had a friend who is a certified HVAC tech go with me to buy a $250 can of R22. It cost me $250. He added .76 pounds and the unit cooled as well as it could afterwards. I cleaned all the coils myself and the unit has run 3 years with only one other coil cleaning required. It's starting to die now, but it's an old unit (15+ years). Before I left for vacation last week, the unit was only doing an 5-8 degree temp drop. Now less than 4 so we're about to be replacing it.
I will get my friend to help me, and we will install a new unit ourselves. It will be worth every penny. I am adding an additional return filter holder to increase the availability of air to the new unit as I am increasing by a bit and going with a 2 stage compressor to allow a larger unit that will handle 100 degree days better.

assume all the liability
by: bob

do it yourself will usually void any manufact war check the fineprint on their websites

by: Doug

When choosing a HVAC installer do your homework and don't let your "be a good guy and hire someone you know and attends your church and is a licensed installer"feeling get in the way.

I know I did and it has taken more than 6 weeks to install it and is very messy.I now have the problem of trying to correct his errors by hiring a licensed installer to view what was done and fix it because I don't want him back in my house.

Be careful and sometimes paying a little more will buy you the headache free installation.

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