Is My York Central AC Need Replacing

by John
(Bartlett IL)

Burnt wires

Burnt wires

It was working fine one then the next day it would not run. The fan would turn on but no cold air. I opens the panel and the wires on top of the switch are burnt. It is a York central air conditioner I believe model LR49182C

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AC vs transformer
by: John

I also found out the transformer in the furnace was bad, not put out 24 volts. Could that have been the source? I replaced both and they seem to work fine right now.

by: Bryan

"Relays burn like that because something happened. You may need a new Unit."

yeah, no, probably not. TOO MANY repairmen just want to replace the unit. (If you decide to work on it yourself, MAKE SURE THE POWER IS SHUT OFF.. (careful, the 24v contactor coil IS NOT ON THE SAME BREAKER AS THE 240v lines!)

I've seen many units where someone decided to rewire it for some reason, and used a lower amperage wire, which will burn out.
(common) the wires come loose thru years of vibrating, and that'll cause the wires to burn out.

(also, check where the wire is crimped to the connector, sometimes they're not crimped real well!)
(??????) 'leaking' capacitors could cause excessive amperage
then of course, the fan motor getting old will use more amperage...

same for the compressor, but because it's a sealed system, that should be less likely than the fan motor.

by: frank

Hi this not a uncommon problem You may had a brown out on the main power supply check the breaker or the bus bar in the breaker pannel first then call the power comp. to have line checked and back side of meter may have bad connection or loose connection that can cause low voatage from time to time.. also you may need to check your start and run componit may be week and the unit may not be starting up right or low amps at start up
Frank ser. tec.

Wires burnt
by: Anonymous

Relays burn like that because something happened. You may need a new Unit.

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