Info on used Bryant A/C unit

by Linda
(Fairfax, VA USA)

We have been offered a Bryant used A/C unit built in 2004, removed from a model home. It has been on the shelf for resale for three years. I know nothing about Bryant, so I am concerned that this deal is too good to be true.

With two kids starting college this year, we can't afford any mistakes. Our existing unit is from 1989 and is just huffing and puffing. We are hoping to limp through the next couple of years with this used Bryant unit until we can replace whole system with new.

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Bryant A/C
by: Jeff


A few things you need to make sure of before your decision.

Bryant is good equipment.

1. Make sure you're not trying to replace a heat pump with a straight air conditioner.

2. Determine that it is the same size as the unit you have now for comfort'd sake and if you plan on trying to use your existing indoor evaporator coil, or see if you can get the coil that it was originally paired with.

3. Make sure the refrigerant is the same as you've had (it probably is) Yours from 1989 would have used R-22, and more than likely this one from 2004 does too.

4. If you do it, make sure the installer installs a new filter drier, thoroughly evacuates the system after opening it and charges it properly.

Trying getting it fixes
by: Anonymous

Your existing unit is still running with the huffing and puffing right? Stay with it until it breaks down. I had existing Carrier unit that built in 1983 and it still running well. In my honest opinion, older units tend to outlast newer efficiency units. I wouldn't buy the units without known the contractor.

by: J.M

Hey, Linda

I'm not concern about the Bryant brands, I more interest if the person, who selling you this are honest contractor.

I know we are in hard financial time right now. I really don't want you spending $$$$ on used units and after a year it breaks and you couldn't find the seller or the contractor.

Do you trust the contractors or the peoples, who will be selling you this used Bryant central air conditioner units? Are they planning to put the central ac unit or just selling the central ac unit? What is the price on the used Bryant central air conditioner units?

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