How to use a Manifold Set on Home A/C System?

by Jimmy T
(Richmond, VA. USA)

Do you have any videos for Home air conditioner system? My Trane A/C unit leaks air. I have to call a technician every year and paid over $100.00 for refill about 1/lb or Freon. It'll last about one year and has to refill next year.

My friend told me it's easy and save money if I do it by myself. SO, I bought a Yellow Jacket 41215 Manifold set and few canned Freon and trying to refill the Freon myself. The salesman told me some can get hurt if doing the wrong way. I bought the manifold anyway.

Do you know if the “R12 R-12 R22 Super Seal Stop Leak METAL AC Compressor"? Does it really work as it said on the description?

Your kindly help will be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

Jimmy T

Dadan replies:

Hey, Jim

Super Seal!! I had bad experience with Super Seal. I still couldn't believe our supply house sell it to technician. I follow instruction step by step and it locks the compressor after using Super Seal.

I thought it was coincidence, so I start ask other technician question and it seem Super Seal is the cause. We had discussion over it.

Go to Google and search for " super seal+hvac " It on the number one list on Google. This should take you to hvac discussion forum. You can read all the Super Seal experience from other technician and us.


The best strategy to save money is to find the leak and fix it. Central air conditioner is not cheap. Once you damage the compressor, it goes downhill from there.

I know everyone is trying to save money, but the best way to a save is by hiring experience techs. Charging refrigerant require experience and acknowledge.

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