Heil Heat Pump Unit Shuts Down Wh....

by L.fitzp

February 20, 2011

My Heil ac and heat pump unit shuts down when there is rain, just sprinkles or heavy rain. The thermostat blinks protecting the compressor. I have had this checked professionally and have asked Heil for an answer.

The technicians cannot find the cause and Heil does not seem to know what I am talking about. It shuts down summer and winter with either the heat or ac. I still have 2 years left under full warranty but would like to know the cause and have it corrected.

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by: L. Fitzpatrick

Thank you. I will follow your advice.

Heil Heat Pump
by: Chester

In my years of service I can honestly say I have never had this problem. Obviously the moisture is gaining entrance into a circuit that it should not be in. The technician should check all external and internal wiring. If your local dealer can’t find the problem I would contact Heil’s customer relations division and start insisting they honor their warranty up to replacing the system.

You might want to call in an independent dealer to get a second opinion. The cost may well be worth the expense. Check with friends and neighbors and ask them to recommend a service company and check the company with BBB prior to calling. There are excellent service companies and terrible service companies out there, do your homework and get one of the best.

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